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Discover here below all the news about Dr. Abboud:

Dr. Marwan Abboud was one of the speakers at the 63rd National Congress of the French Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. At this conference he gave a one-hour course on breast surgery and presented his philosophy on the use of threads and fat in body contouring:     

  • Masterclass: Breast surgery revisited     
  • Association liposuction lipomodeling tunnelisation and use of threads in the body remodeling

Doctor Marwan Abboud was part of the Faculty Speakers of 24th Biennal Congress of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Miami. He presented two of his innovative techniques :           

  • Power assisted liposuction mammoplasty (PALM): A new Technique For Breast Reduction
  • A Novel approach in Breast Reconstruction: The Flip-over Fasciocutaneous thoracodorsal flap combined with Loops

Doctor Marwan Abboud was part of the participating faculty of the Advanced Aesthetic Breast and Body contouring's 2018 congress in Saint-Petersbourg. During the congress he was part of the Chairs of one of the main video sessions, and participated in a Live surgical demonstration of his technique "Power Assisted Liposuction Mammoplasty" in the treatment of Gynecomastia.
He also presented 4 of his innovations in :

  • Rejuvenation of the arm Through Liposculture and Barbed sutures: an innovative no scar brachioplasty technique
  • The art of gluteal augmentation using liposuction and lipofilling: my experience over 10 years
  • Breast augmentation using loops and lipofilling: How I do it?
  • Liposuction mammoplasty: Evolution of technique over 30 years


Doctor Marwan Abboud was part of the Faculty Speakers of the fourth CATBASS congress on Controversies, art and technology in Breast and Body Countourning aesthetic surgery in Brussels. He performed a live surgery showing his new scarless technique in breast reduction using loops.
He also presented 3 of his innovative techniques :                                            

  • The use of barbed sutures in the abdominoplasty
  • No scar Mastopexy
  • Gluteal shaping from fat to threads

Doctor Marwan Abboud was part of the Faculty Speakers of the International Master Course on Aging Science's 2018 World Congress in Paris. He was part of the Chairs of 3 main talk sessions and presented 3 of his innovations in:

  • No-Scar Breast Reduction
  • Breast Augmentation by Combination of Barbed Sutures and Lipofilling
  • Breast Reconstruction by Tissue advancement and Lipofilling

Doctor Marwan Abboud was part of the Faculty Speakers of the Société Française des Chirurgiens Esthétiques 2018 Congress in Bordeaux, France. As one of the well awaited speakers he presented 3 of his innovations:

  • Immediate large-volume grafting of autologous fat to the breast following implant removal
  • Mammoplastie avec liposuction assistée: une nouvelle technique de plastie et de réduction mammaire
  • Redonner forme aux fessiers: Synergie entre lipoaspiration et lipofilling en utilisant l'assistance motorisée