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Rejuvenation of the skin by microneedling: restrain skin aging with Nanopore Stylus

Many treatments exist to stop skin aging, microneedling remains the least invasive of them. This technique continues to evolve and in order to make a care ever more comfortable for the patient has been imagined the Nanopore Stylus. MaClinic, a beauty salon specializing in mesotherapy in Brussels, explains what this treatment is.

Firm skin and reduce wrinkles with microneedlingMicroneedling Nanopore et mésothérapie à Bruxelles

Close to Mesotherapy, Microneedling is a non-invasive technique for rejuvenating the skin. It uses an electric pen with disposable micro-needles. The method consists of making mircroperforations in a predefined area of ​​the dermis. These microperforations performed at various speeds and depths stimulate the cells responsible for the quality of the skin called fibroblasts. They cause a better production of elastin and collagen. They also allow anti-wrinkle creams to penetrate deeper into the skin and therefore to be more effective.

What are the applications of microneedling?

Microneedling is suitable for all types of skin, whether light or dark. It is ideal for treating the following skin damage:

   – Wrinkles and fine lines;
   – Postoperative scars, acne or burns;
   – Solar spots;
   – Aging areas of the neck, face, décolleté and hands;
   – Pores ;
   – cellulite;
   – stretch marks;
   – Pigmentation disorders;
   – alopecia;
   – Skin lacking oxygen and tonicity.

The Nanopore Stylus, the new generation of microneedling

Always in search of improvement, and of comfortabilisation of the care for the patients, the universe of the aesthetic medicine welcomed a new tool of treatment of the aging of the skin: the Nanopore Stylus. This microneedling device further develops the non-invasive side of this microperforation technique. It is also more efficient with the creation of 1500 microchannels per cm² of skin. It stimulates mechanically and physically the epidermis as the dermis. It uses what is called nanotechnology whose benefits are recognized by the medical world:

   – Better penetration and distribution of active ingredients between tissues and cells;
   – Active transport of these active ingredients to more effectively reach the area to be treated;
   – Longer release time of active ingredients for easier control and greater stability
   – Less side effects and epidermal trauma.

Interesting in finding a young and firm skin thanks to a non-invasive method?

MaClinic Plastic and Restorative Plastic Surgery in Brussels performs microneedling sessions with Nanopore Stylus technology. We also offer other medico-aesthetic care of quality. To find out more, to know our prices or to make an appointment for a consultation, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via our online form.