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Scarless Breast Reduction : a surgery that exists in Belgium

Is there, in Belgium, a technique to reduce the breast leaving no scar? This is a question that women are entitled to ask. The team of Breast Surgery Practice, MaClinic, in Brussels, replies in the affirmative. A noninvasive intervention without opening the breast is possible, and it is a big step for femininity.

Reduce the chest without openingréduction mammaire non invasive à Bruxelles

The time when breast surgery forever marked women in their flesh is now over. Dr. Marwan Abboud’s research pushing further its investigations has led to the development of a non-invasive surgical technique applicable to breast reduction. And this innovation was born here in Belgium. It is no longer necessary to open the breast to practice a decrease in breast volume. The surgeon can finally achieve an optimal result, without leaving a scar that the patient will keep for life.

Internal thread and fat injection into the breast

Breast reduction is a restorative surgery that involves changing the shape, size, height and shape of the breast. In the form of this non-invasive procedure, the doctor favors the use of an internal thread and the injection of fat. It takes place in several stages:

   – Breast liposuction;
   – Remodeling by threads;
   – Elevation of the nipple-areolar complex by wires;
   – Breast width reduction and breast ptosis by the use of threads.

Presented in international congresses, this medical innovation is still being published. It is the subject of many conferences around the world, and several Plastic Surgeons often come in Brussels to learn from Dr. Abboud’s innovation.

Who can benefit from this innovative breast reduction technique?

All women suffering from breast hypertrophy are eligible for this non-invasive procedure without scar. This excessive development of the mammary gland and associated fat causes physical pain:

   – Sore shoulders;
   – Back pain ;
   – Difficulty breathing
   – Etc.

The hypertrophy of the breasts also causes, for many women, real worries of self-acceptance and their image. Sometimes psychological problems arise. A breast reduction therefore brings a physical relief, but also a mental one.

Learn more about non-invasive breast reduction in Brussels?

It is at the MaClinic plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery office located in the heart of Brussels that you can benefit from this breast reduction without scar. We also offer other medico-aesthetic treatments at the forefront of innovation. For more information or to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Abboud, we invite you to contact us by phone or by filling out our online form.