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Dr. Marwan Abboud is invited to the ICOPLAST Aesthetics Symposium organized by the Belgian Royal Society of Plastic Surgery to present his innovations in breast surgery.
He will take part in a session on breast reduction, during which he will develop his technique of mammoplasty without scar through internal threads and liposuction. Subsequently, he will share his experience in breast reconstruction and present his technique of breast reconstruction by lipofilling and internal threads, leaving no scar on the reconstructed breast.

Dr. Marwan Abboud is invited to the 3rd International Plastic Surgery Advanced Course on Gluteal Surgery. During this course, he will share his expertise in the injection of fat in the buttocks and present his recent innovations for 2 hours. Indeed, he will expose his gluteal sculpting philosophy through internal threads that he combines with the injection of fatty tissue to obtain an optimal shape of the buttock.

Dr. Marwan Abboud is invited with his assistants to the 30th Congress of the European Association of Plastic Surgeons in Helsinki. At this congress his assistants will present two of his innovations which have already been published and/or presented at previous international congresses:

– A novel approach in Breast Reconstruction: The ThoracoDorsal Flip-Over flap associated with internal threads and fat injection

– Gluteal sculpting using lipofilling and internal threads

Dr. Marwan Abboud is invited to the Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Congress. During this congress, he will present his philosophy of minimally invasive breast surgery, first in the context of breast reduction through liposuction and the use of internal threads that will mold the breast and reposition it higher. Then in the context of breast augmentation by fat injection and through internal threads that will increase the volume and projection of the breast by recruiting the peri-mammary tissue.

Dr. Marwan Abboud is invited to give a 2-hour course on the use of threads in breast surgery as part of breast reconstruction, augmentation and reduction. During his presentation he presented his philosophy of non-invasive surgery without scars, illustrating his recent innovations which have already been published or presented in several international congresses in the recent years.
This course is intended for the training of plastic surgery assistants at the Free University of Brussels (U.L.B.), as well as other Plastic surgeons of the U.L.B. network.

Dr. Marwan Abboud is invited to the 32nd Congress of the French Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons to give a 30-minute course on surgery without scar. During this course, he will develop his philosophy and experience in the field of brachioplasty that he achieves through internal threads and liposuction, without any scars. Subsequently he will present his new technique of breast reduction also through liposuction and internal threads, leaving no scar on the breast. A discussion among experts in these areas will then take place to discuss its innovations.

In the mean time, his assistant Dr. N. Abboud will be presenting a novel approach in breast reconstruction using the ThoracoDorsal Flip-Over flap combined with Loops and Lipofilling (TD. F.O.L.L.)

Dr. Marwan Abboud is invited at an International Intensive Course on Eshtetic Breast Surgery and Body Contouring in Saint-Petersbourg, where he will be presenting and performing surgeries 8 hours per day on the 18th and 19th of April.
During this course he will be performing two live surgeries: one on his new scarless technique of breast reduction using threads, and the other on the gluteal augmentation using fat injection and internal threads. He will introduce his new concept of minimally invasive body remodeling surgery, leaving no more scars behind.
Dr. Abboud will also moderate a session on gluteal remodeling. He will also moderate a session on breast and gluteal augmentation, where he will comment on live surgeries, and share his expertise in these domains.
He will also be presenting several themes, concerning his recent minimally invasive innovations in breast and gluteal surgery:
- Evolution of Breast Reduction: my experience from 1989 to 2019.
- Matrix modeling using Power Assisted Liposuction Lipofilling and Loops: P.A.L.L.L.
- Gluteal remodeling: from fat to threads.
Finally, Dr. Abboud will be involved in a discussion among international experts on breast surgery, to discuss the complications of primary and secondary mammoplasties.

Dr. Marwan Abboud was a guest speaker at the 21th Annual World Congress of the International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS), where he moderated a conference on Body Remodeling Surgery. He was also a commentator in a session on Brachioplasty and Breast Augmentation where he exposed his scarless techniques through internal threads. During this congress, he also presented one of his innovations as part of the face and necklift without scar through internal threads:

  • Regenerative surgery: Power Assisted Face and Neck Lift with Loops

Dr. Marwan Abboud was one of the speakers at the 63rd National Congress of the French Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. At this conference he gave a one-hour course on breast surgery and presented his philosophy on the use of threads and fat in body contouring:     

  • Masterclass: Breast surgery revisited     
  • Association liposuction lipomodeling tunnelisation and use of threads in the body remodeling

Doctor Marwan Abboud was part of the Faculty Speakers of 24th Biennal Congress of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Miami. He presented two of his innovative techniques :           

  • Power assisted liposuction mammoplasty (PALM): A new Technique For Breast Reduction
  • A Novel approach in Breast Reconstruction: The Flip-over Fasciocutaneous thoracodorsal flap combined with Loops

Doctor Marwan Abboud was part of the participating faculty of the Advanced Aesthetic Breast and Body contouring’s 2018 congress in Saint-Petersbourg. During the congress he was part of the Chairs of one of the main video sessions, and participated in a Live surgical demonstration of his technique “Power Assisted Liposuction Mammoplasty” in the treatment of Gynecomastia.
He also presented 4 of his innovations in :

  • Rejuvenation of the arm Through Liposculture and Barbed sutures: an innovative no scar brachioplasty technique
  • The art of gluteal augmentation using liposuction and lipofilling: my experience over 10 years
  • Breast augmentation using loops and lipofilling: How I do it?
  • Liposuction mammoplasty: Evolution of technique over 30 years


Doctor Marwan Abboud was part of the Faculty Speakers of the fourth CATBASS congress on Controversies, art and technology in Breast and Body Countourning aesthetic surgery in Brussels. He performed a live surgery showing his new scarless technique in breast reduction using loops.
He also presented 3 of his innovative techniques :                                            

  • The use of barbed sutures in the abdominoplasty
  • No scar Mastopexy
  • Gluteal shaping from fat to threads