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The Art of Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery.

«MACLINIC» and its team welcome you to the world of Cosmetology as well as Plastic, Restorative, and Aesthetic Surgery.

Situated in the heart of Brussels, and in a warm and friendly setting, MACLINIC offers a whole range of medical and aesthetic treatments, bringing together the latest technologies, medical perfection, and artistic touch.

Beauty is a personal conception of what is attractive, of what is harmonious.

Patients are in search of a surgeon who will know how to reveal the beauty of a face or preserve the youthfulness of a figure.

Plastic surgery directs its attention to the correction of all anomalies of form affecting the face, the neck, the figure, the breasts, the buttocks, the legs, and the arms.

MACLINIC offers to take full charge, providing comprehensive care in complete privacy and comfort, and uniting the latest technologies of aesthetic medicine with the lengthy national and international professional experience in aesthetic and restorative surgery of Doctor Marwan Abboud.