Breast surgery

The breasts, uncontested symbol of womanhood in the European realm of imagination, have been painted, drawn, sculpted, celebrated, and exalted. They remain in our times at the center of feminine preoccupations, whether aesthetic or restorative. This is why MACLINIC offers surgical techniques of breast augmentation by means of prostheses or the injection of fat, breast reduction, symmetrization, and reconstruction.

The absence of breasts is very traumatic for the woman in her intimate and daily life. The person who wants a breast augmentation wants to acquire a psychic and physical well-being.

In spite of the constant progress in the treatment of breast cancer, it is sometimes necessary, to ensure healing, to perform a mastectomy, that is to say, to remove the entire breast.

Lipofilling is a technique that can fill a hollow or create a volume using the fat of the person. The fat is removed by liposuction and then purified and reimplanted by injection.


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