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Permanent hair removal

The Palomar Vectus Laser system utilizes a high energy laser and offers the fastest and most effective solution for the removal of unwanted hair on any part of the body (face, back, legs, bikini line, or other areas of the body).

The laser ray penetrates inside the skin and is absorbed by the melanin, the substance responsible for hair color. The cells in the hair root and around it are heated in this way and durably destroyed while the other tissue remains intact. The destruction of the root prevents the formation of new hair, even in the future.

Only roots that are in their growth phase are affected by the treatment.

Inasmuch as not all the hairs are in the growth phase at the same time, several treatments are necessary. Their number and duration depend on the intensity of growth and the area of the body that is concerned. In general, 5 to 8 sessions are needed to obtain a satisfactory and durable result.

The first step consists in shaving the area to be treated either in situ or at home. The laser system is adjusted in an individualized manner, depending on the type of skin, the color, and the hair structure. The laser energy, transmitted by pulses, is felt as mild heat or sometimes as small stings comparable to those produced by a rubber band snapping against the skin. The hairs fall in the course of the following days. There must be a pause of 2 to 8 weeks between the treatments. The duration of these intervals depends on the body area that is concerned.

The majority of patients tolerate the treatment without difficulty. The system is suitable, in principle, for all hair types and colors: light-colored and fine hair requires more treatment than dark and thick hair; white hair is not suitable for epilation by laser.

Slight redness or local tumefaction may appear on the areas treated, but they disappear after a few hours. In some rare cases, small vesicles and spots are observed and heal quickly. The skin also may become lighter or darker in color because of the treatment (hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation). This situation returns to normal after a few weeks.

Solariums, sun baths, and self-tanning products must be avoided during the 4 to 6 weeks that precede and follow the treatment. The use of photosensitizing medications should be avoided. We should be informed about the medications.

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