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Face lifting without surgery, the rejuvenation of the face without surgery

Lifting without surgery, the rejuvenation of his face without surgery!

You have wrinkles or relaxation of the face and that bothers you? Let yourself be tempted by a facelift without surgery! Rather than go through an operation that you will take time to recover, Ulthera technology allows you to achieve a similar result, quickly and without much pain. In one hour maximum, the treatment will be applied and you will be able to find your daily life, without annoyance or need of rest.


A facelift without surgery, how does it work?

This type of non-invasive face lift does not require injection or surgery! The Ulthera technology, performed by a trained and experienced doctor, allows you to recover a supple and taut skin, thanks to microfocused ultrasound. The doctor will apply ultrasound to the parts of the face and décolleté to work, stimulating the creation of collagen and elastin.

Different depths can be reached by the doctor, up to 4.5 cm. It all depends on the patient and the area to be treated. The treatment can last up to an hour, with, at most, a pain that is bearable for the patient.

The Ulthéra technology allows a facial lifting adapted to the following areas: oval of the face, eyelids, chin, cheeks, mouth, neck and décolleté.

A result similar to a surgical facelift

A single non-surgical facelift session with Ulthera technology can give you a satisfying result similar to that of a surgical facelift. It will make your skin firm and smooth, erasing fine lines and wrinkles, double chins, and making your face lose its oval shape. Thus, you will come out rejuvenated, without the inconvenience of surgery. In addition, this technique has the characteristic of leaving no scar.

A recovery of your daily life right out of the clinic

This non-invasive facelift does not require social withdrawal. Upon leaving the meeting, you can resume your work, your shopping, your outings, in short, the course of your life! It is therefore a practical and effective solution for those who do not want postoperative inconvenience.

At MaClinic in Brussels, we offer you this service at the following prices:

Palate: 50 €

Eyes: 350 €

Sub-Mentonnier: 550 €

Neck: 700 €

Cheeks: 950 €

Face & Under-Mentonnier: 1500 €

Neck and sub-tenants: 1200 €

Face, Under-Mentonnier & Neck: 2200 €

Interested in the facelift without surgery? Make an appointment without delay at the MaClinic office in Brussels of plastic surgeon Marwan Abboud, or get in touch with us for more information on the surgery-free facelift and Ulthera technology!