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How to firm up your face, your body and rejuvenate your vagina without recourse to cosmetic surgery?

Redefining the silhouette, firming the face and tightening the vagina: these interventions can be achieved without going through cosmetic surgery. Dr. Marwan Abboud expert in laser treatments of the firm My Clinic makes you discover an innovative technique: the Exilis Ultra 360.

Non-invasive treatment in place of cosmetic surgery

Exilis Ultra 360

You have trouble accepting your curves or traces of skin aging, and do not want to use plastic surgery. The medical
equipment company BTL offers you the new treatment, Exilis Ultra 360°, a new solution that allows to rework the silhouette and concretely reduce wrinkles and marks of time. This technology is non-invasive and revolutionary in the field of body and facial aesthetics. It can be used on all skin types and on any area of the body safely and without side effects.

An effective combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound

The operation of the Exilis Ultra 360° technology is based on the combination of radio frequencies and ultrasound. By alternating controlled heating and cooling of the dermis, the energy developed by the laser operates on the surface and in the deepest layers of the skin. Radiofrequencies work on the appearance and elasticity of the epidermis. They have an anti-aging action and require, among other things, the production of collagen. Ultrasounds, meanwhile, generate a mechanical effect that causes the separation of fibrous structures of cells. Depending on the location, it will take one to four sessions to achieve a fast and persistent result.

Firming, remodeling, lipodissolution and facelift

The action of the Exilis Ultra 360 extends from lipodissolutions, to facelifts through the reduction of fats and the remodeling of the contours of the body (contouring). It also effectively supplements liposuction treatments and delays or even eliminates the use of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

This method also produces visible effects in terms of firming skin of the body and face. It offers a new youth to the skin and heals both wrinkles and rhytids.

The Exilis Ultra Woman for a rejuvenation of the vagina

In its women’s version, the Exilis Ultra 360 offers an intravaginal treatment intended to increase the intimate well-being. It consists in bringing to a rejuvenation of the vagina by the remodeling of the lips (reduction of the size), the firming of the tissues and the reduction of the orifice of the vaginal canal. The intervention aims to improve the sensations, the natural lubrication and the quality of the orgasm. It also helps reduce urinary stress incontinence common after several deliveries.

Discover the Exilis Ultra 360 through a video.

The various applications of the Exilis Ultra 360 are presented in the video below:

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