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ISAPS - 24th Biennal Congress of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery | Miami (31.10.18 - 4.11.18)

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The 24th CONGRESS THE GREATEST AESTHETIC EDUCATION ON EARTH Oct 31st – Nov 4th 2018 OFFI C IAL PROGRAM & RE G ISTR ATION N e w Feat u r e : C a d a v e r L a b s w w w . ISA PS m i a m i 20 1 8 .com 1 THANK YOU TO OUR EXHIBITORS A to Z Surgical ­ US AccuVein, Inc. ­ US Advice Media, LLC ­ US Alastin – US Allergan, PLC ­ US ­ Key SponSor, ISApS CongreSS American Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting – US American Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (AIAM) ­ US American Silicone ­ US Anthony Products/Gio Pelle ­ US APTOS ­ Georgia Armiter Iconic Solutions ­ Greece ASAPS ­ US ASPS ­ US ASSI-Accurate Surgical & Scientific Instruments ­ US Aston Baker Cutting Edge ­ US Atlas KPI ­ US Baker Gordon Conference ­ US Bellaire/Meopen ­ US Biodermis ­ US Black & Black Surgical, Inc. ­ US Blaine Labs, Inc. ­ US Bomed ­ China Bovie Medical ­ US BQ Ergonimics LLC ­ US Brumaba – Germany BTL Aesthetics ­ US Candela ­ US Canfield Scientific, Inc. ­ US Cell Medix ­ US Chatpatient ­ Bulgaria Clearpoint Medical, Inc. ­ Canada CosmoFrance ­ US Crisalix ­ Switzerland Crystal Clear Digital Marketing ­ US DefenAge Skincare ­ US Dermato Plastica Beauty Co., Ltd. ­ Chinese Taipei Design Veronique ­ US Designs for Vision, Inc. ­ US Doctor’s Toy Store, Inc. ­ US Dp Dern LLC ­ US Dr. Miami ­ US DRE Medical ­ US Ecla’dor ­ France Ellis Instruments, Inc. ­ US Elsevier Inc. ­ US Embody ­ France Enova Illumination ­ US Envy Medical ­ US Estheticon s.r.o. ­ Czech Republic Factor Medical ­ US FAGA Medical ­ Brazil FotoFinder Systems, Inc. ­ US Galatea Surgical, Inc. ­ US Global Aesthetics Conference ­ US Hans Biomed USA ­ US Hanson Medical, Inc. ­ US human med AG ­ Germany Ideal Implant Inc. ­ US Illusio Imaging ­ US Image Skincare ­ US Implantech Associates, Inc. ­ US Incredible Marketing ­ US InMode ­ Canada International Instruments ­ India Interni USA, Inc. ­ US Invotec International ­ US IPSAC ­ France Jac-Cell USA Inc. ­ US JETT ­ Czech Republic Jeunesse Innovations ­ US Laboratoires Arion ­ France Leonisa ­ US Lipocube ­ United Kingdom LIPOELASTIC a.s. ­ Czech Republic Liposales, Inc. ­ US MAAM Garments (Tex Access MCV s.r.l) ­ Romania Marena Recovery ­ US Marina Medical Instruments, Inc. ­ US MD Resource ­ US Medical Z ­ US Mentor Worldwide, LLC ­ US Merz North America, Inc ­ US ­ plAtInum globAl SponSor MicroAire Surgical Instruments ­ US Microsurgery Instruments ­ US Millennium Medical Technologies ­ US Miramar Labs, Inc ­ US MirrorMe D – US Motiva USA LLC ­ US ­ gold globAl SponSor MTF Biologics ­ US Nanjing North Vision Co., Ltd. ­ China Neodyne Biosciences ­ US NeoGraft ­ US ­ bronze globAl SponSor Oxford University Press ­ US Plastic Touch ­ US PMT Corporation – US Polytech Health & Aesthetics ­ Germany ­ plAtInum globAl SponSor PromoItalia ­ Italy Quality Medical Publishing Inc. ­ US Red Spot Interactive ­ US Regen Lab ­ Switzerland Restoration Robotics ­ US Rose Micro Solutions ­ US Sciton, Inc. ­ US Seattle Software Design ­ US Shippert Medical Technologies Corporation ­ US Sinclair Pharmaceuticals Ltd. ­ France Sisloy LLC ­ US SmartGraft by Vision Medical, Inc. ­ US SOFCEP ­ France Sono Bello ­ US Sontec Instruments, Inc. ­ US Stille ­ US Studio III Marketing ­ US Surgeon’s Advisor ­ US The Hydrafacial Company ­ US Thieme Medical Publishers ­ US Trilogy Laboratories ­ US TubEvac/Godsdvc ­ US Tulip Medical Products ­ US Utah Medical Products, Inc. ­ US Vivell s.a.s. ­ Colombia Viveve ­ US ViviscalPRO/Xfusion ­ US VOE, S.A. ­ Spain Ward Photonics ­ US Wells Johnson Company ­ US Wolters Kluwer ­ US Xelpov Surgical Ltd. (PVT) ­ Pakistan Zero Gravity ­ US ZO Skin Health ­ US 2 SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM COMMITTEE Renato Saltz 2018 Congress President Nazim Cerkes Scientific Co-Chair Lina Triana Scientific Co-Chair Vakis Kontoes Scientific Co-Chair Ozan Sozer Scientific Co-Chair Susumu Takayanagi Past President Catherine Foss Congress Producer Julie Guest ISAPS Business School & ISAPS Skin Coordinator ADVISORY COMMITTEE Welcome FROM THE President WELCOME TO THE GREATEST AESTHETIC EDUCATION ON EARTH On behalf of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), it gives me great pleasure to invite you to our 24th Biennial Global Congress in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida, an international gateway city where the fusion of beauty, aesthetics and international culture is like nowhere else in the world. This congress to be held at the newly renovated Miami Beach Convention Center. We are honored to bring you 393 of the absolute best world-class faculty representing 50 countries in an innovative, exciting scientific program that is both cutting edge and very diverse, covering all aspects of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine for you and your entire staff. This biennial will feature a multidisciplinary faculty presenting their work in two concurrent clinical sessions, a full day of cadaver dissection classes on face, nose, breast and labiaplasty, sixty-four Master Classes, ISAPS Business School, ISAPS Skin Care, a Residents and Fellows Forum, our first Women Surgeons’ Symposium and daily Free Paper sessions. Simultaneous translation will be provided in Portuguese and Spanish and session recordings will insure that you can review presentations you are not able to attend so that you don’t miss a minute of this amazing educational event. I selected South Beach, a special neighborhood of Miami Beach, as a perfect family location to be enjoyed by colleagues from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia ­ in short, from all parts of the world. The social events will be amazing and fun to make your week in South Beach a memorable one. Review this brochure and register today! Bring your staff for the Business School and Skin Care tracks that will parallel the scientific sessions during the entire congress. I welcome you to join the ISAPS family for our greatest aesthetic education event in 2018. I promise you this will be the best, most comprehensive and world-class congress you have ever attended. I look forward to seeing you in South Beach. Robert Singer Chair Jason Pozner Local Host Seth Ray Thaller Local Host Bahman Guyuron APS Editor Foad Nahai ASJ Editor Rod Rohrich PRS Editor Dan Mills ASAPS Past President Debra Johnson ASPS President Dirk Richter Europe Lee Pu Asia Joao Carlos Sampaio Goes South America Claudio DeLorenzi North America Susan Wells SPSSCS Randy Waldman Multispecialty Education Hani Zeini ISAPS Industry Advisor Endorsed By: Renato Saltz, MD, FACS 2018 Congress President 3 FACULTY ARGENTINA Gustavo Gualberto ABRILE, MD Abel M. CHAJCHIR, MD Juan Martin CHAVANNE NOUGUES, MD Fabian E. CORTINAS, MD Esteban H. ELENA, MD Sandra FILICIANI, MD Claudio G. L. GHILARDI, MD Jorge HERRERA, MD Ricardo HOOGSTRA, MD Horacio F. MAYER, MD, FACS Antonio Aldo MOTTURA, MD, PhD Maria Cristina PICON, MD Juan Carlos SEILER Sr., MD Walter SERVI, MD Guillermo SIEMIENCZUK, MD Javier VERA CUCCHIARO, MD Eduardo L. WEXLER, MD CANADA Alain DANINO, MD Claudio L. DE LORENZI, MD Melissa KANG Frank LISTA, MD, FRCSC Wayne R. PERRON, MD, FRCS(C) Richard WARREN, MD, FRCSC Morris E. HARTSTEIN, MD, FACS Benjamin MEILIK, MD Yitzchak RAMON, MD Ori SHULMAN, MD Yoram WOLF, MD ITALY CHILE Pedro VIDAL, MD, MSc, MS, FRCS (Engl) CHINA AUSTRALIA Bryan C. MENDELSON, FRCSE, FRACS, FACS Tim PAPADOPOULOS, MD Graeme J. SOUTHWICK, MD Alastair TAYLOR, MD Cheryl TAYLOR Haiyan CUI, MD Facheng LI, MD Kai LIU, MD Jie LUAN, MD Shengkang LUO, MD, PhD Lan MU, MD, PhD Min-Hee RYU, MD Wei XIA, MD Daping YANG, MD Li YU, MD, PhD Chen (Neil) ZHANG, MD Giovanni BOTTI, MD Stefano BRUSCHI, MD Gianluca CAMPIGLIO, MD, PhD Marco Ettore KLINGER, MD Adriana POZZI, MD Egidio RIGGIO, MD Gino RIGOTTI, MD Enrico B. ROBOTTI, MD Flavio SACCOMANNO, MD Jaehoon KIM, MD, PhD Jin Wang KIM, MD, PhD Peter Chanwoo KIM, MD, PhD, MBA Yong Kyu KIM, MD Myung Ju LEE, MD, PhD David DaeHwan PARK, MD, PhD, FACS Insuck SUH, MD, PhD Man Koon SUH, MD Doo Byung (Gabe) YANG, MD, PhD Jung Hak YANG, MD JAPAN CHINESE TAIPEI Cheng-Jen CHANG, MD Chien-Tzung CHEN, MD Tsai-Ming LIN, MD, PhD Su-Ben TSAO, MD Jung WU, MD Chang-Chien YANG, MD AUSTRIA Heike KLEPETKO, MD, PhD Thomas RAPPL, MD Katharina RUSSE-WILFLINGSEDER, MD Yoshiaki HOSAKA, MD, PhD Akiko IMAIZUMI, MD, PhD Taro KONO, MD Takeshi NISHIMURA, MD Kunihiko NOHIRA, MD Hiroyuki OHJIMI, MD, PhD Yukio SHIRAKABE, MD Susumu TAKAYANAGI, MD, PhD Hiroko YANAGA, MD, PhD Kotaro YOSHIMURA, MD LEBANON MEXICO BELGIUM COLOMBIA Moustapha HAMDI, MD, PhD Ivar VAN HEIJNINGEN, MD Alexis VERPAELE, MD Maria Isabel CADENA RIOS, MD, PhD Alfredo HOYOS ARIZA, MD Gabriel LISCANO Lina M. TRIANA, MD Bishara Shafik ATIYEH, MD Sami SAAD, MD Giovanni BETTI KRAEMER, MD Lazaro CARDENAS CAMARENA, MD Jose Abel DE LA PENA SALCEDO, MD, FACS Alejandro DUARTE Y SANCHEZ, MD Hector Cesar DURAN VEGA, MD Silvia Del Carmen ESPINOSA MACEDA, MD Antonio FUENTE DEL CAMPO, MD Juan Carlos FUENTES, MD Eduardo GONGORA, MD Jose Luis HADDAD TAME, MD Fernando MAGALLANES-NEGRETE, MD Adrian MANJARREZ, MD Angel PAPADOPULOS ESCOBAR, MD Arturo RAMIREZ-MONTANANA, MD Bertha TORRES GOMEZ, MD BRAZIL Jaime ANGER, MD Marcelo R. C. ARAUJO, MD Juarez Moraes AVELAR, MD Ana Zulmira Diniz BADIN, MD Barbara Helena BARCARO MACHADO, MD Jorge BINS ELY, MD, MSc, PhD Pedro BINS ELY, MD, PhD Giuliano BORILLE, MD Alberto Magno Lott CALDEIRA, MD, MSc, PhD Carlos Alberto CALIXTO, MD Augusto Sette CAMARA VALENTE, MD Oswaldo CARPES, MD Carlos CASAGRANDE, MD Marcelo R. CHEFFE, MD Enzo R. CITARELLLA, MD Daniel COIMBRA, MD Jose Carlos DAHER, MD Marcelo DAHER, MD Joao ERFON A. RAMOS, MD Yhelda A. FELICIO, MD Lydia Masako FERREIRA, MD, PhD Rachel C. GARCIA, MD Rolf GEMPERLI, MD Raul GONZALEZ, MD Ruth M. GRAF, MD, PhD Antonio Carmo GRAZIOSI, MD Farid HAKME, MD Carlos Alberto KOMATSU, MD Alan LANDECKER, MD Paulo Roberto de A. LEAL, MD Sergio da Fonseca LESSA, MD Nelson Augusto LETIZIO, MD André L. M. MARANHAO, MD Wilson Novaes MATOS Jr., MD Arnaldo Lobo MIRO, MD Fabio Xerfan NAHAS, MD, PhD, FACS, MBA Tomaz NASSIF, MD Bianca OHANA, MD Alexandre Piassi PASSOS, MD Luiz Haroldo Batista PEREIRA, MD Luis Fernando PERIN, MD, FACS Volney Araujo PITOMBO, MD Gisela Hobson PONTES, MD Ronaldo PONTES, MD Ricardo Cavalcanti RIBEIRO, MD Marcio A. Hoffman RIGO, MD Carlos Del Pino ROXO, MD Osvaldo Rib SALDANHA, MD Joao Carlos SAMPAIO GOES, MD, PhD Pericles V. SERAFIM FILHO, MD Patricia SORRENTINO Niveo STEFFEN, MD Ithamar Nogueira STOCCHERO, MD Eduardo R. SUCUPIRA, MD Carlos de Souza TOLEDO Jr., MD Carlos Oscar UEBEL, MD, PhD Fausto VITERBO, MD, PhD COSTA RICA Alberto ARGUELLO CHOISEUL, MD Juan Jose CHACON QUIROS CZECH REPUBLIC Vladimir MARIK, MD Bohumil ZALESAK, MD, PhD DENMARK ECUADOR Andreas PRINTZLAU, MD Francisco BORJA ZAVALA, MD, PhD Aldo MUIRRAGUI, MD Marcela Elba YEPEZ INTRIAGO, MD, SSC-PLAST EGYPT Hussein Saber ABULHASSAN, MD Alaa A. GHEITA, MD NETHERLANDS FRANCE H. P. Jeroen STEVENS, MD, PhD Jacques J. N. M. VAN DER MEULEN, MD, PhD Capi WEVER, MD Catherine BERGERET-GALLEY, MD Bernard CORNETTE DE SAINT-CYR, MD Emmanuel DELAY, MD Henry DELMAR, MD, FACS Sebastien GARSON, MD Olivier GERBAULT, MD Claude LE LOUARN, MD Bernard MOLE, MD Jean-Francois PASCAL, MD Michel ROUIF, MD Thierry VAN HEMELRYCK, MD NORWAY PERU Petter Frode AMLAND, MD, PhD Amin KALAAJI, MD, PhD Patricio CENTURION, MD Julio Daniel KIRSCHBAUM, MD PHILIPPINES GERMANY Joachim Graf von FINCKENSTEIN, MD Wolfgang GUBISCH, MD, PhD Dennis O. von HEIMBURG, MD, PhD Ernst-Magnus NOAH, MD Dan Mon O’DEY, MD, PhD Dirk F. RICHTER, MD, PhD Nina SCHWAIGER, MD Klaus UEBERREITER, MD Peter M. VOGT, MD, PhD Maria WIEDNER, MD Carlos LASA Jr., MD Florencio Quiogue LUCERO, MD Rene C. VALERIO, MD Jesusito ZUBIRI, MD, FACS PORTUGAL Antonio Manuel COSTA-FERREIRA, MD, PhD Miguel GONCALVES FERREIRA, MD Iris M. BRITO, MD Jose Carlos Santos PARREIRA, MD ROMANIA RUSSIA Dana Mihaela JIANU, MD, PhD Constantin STAN, MD, PhD Irina KHRUSTALEVA, MD, PhD Kirill P. PSHENISNOV, MD, PhD GREECE Vakis KONTOES, MD, PhD Panagiotis N. MANTALOS, MD, PhD Nikolaos METAXOTOS, MD Aris STERODIMAS, MD, MSc Theodore VOUKIDIS, MD, PhD, FACS SAINT BARTHELEMY Bertrand LACOTTE, MD INDIA SAUDI ARABIA SERBIA Manoj KHANNA, MD Lokesh KUMAR, MD Fatema S. AL SUBHI, MD, MBBS, SSC-plast Violeta M. SKOROBAC ASANIN, MD INDONESIA IRAN Theddeus O. H. PRASETYONO, MD Kamran AS’ADI, MD SINGAPORE Marco Aurelio FARIA CORREA, MD ISRAEL SOUTH AFRICA SOUTH KOREA Nimrod FRIEDMAN, MD Tali FRIEDMAN, MD, MHA Noam HAI, MD Marcos HAREL, MD Peter Desmond SCOTT, MD Ewa Anna SIOLO, MD, FRCSC, FC Plast (SA), Mmed (SA) Eun-Sang DHONG, MD, PhD Patrick FLAHARTY, MD Dana FOX Heather FURNAS, MD Onelio GARCIA Jr., MD Herve F. GENTILE, MD Ashkan GHAVAMI, MD Neil GORDON, MD James C. GROTTING, MD Joseph GRYSKIEWICZ, MD, FACS Julie GUEST Bahman GUYURON, MD SPAIN Christine HAMORI, MD Javier DE BENITO, MD Haideh HIRMAND, MD Isabel DE BENITO, MD Joseph P. HUNSTAD, MD, FACS Joan FONTDEVILA, MD, PhD Bea HUNTER ERDMAN Patricia GUTIERREZ-ONTALVILLA, MD, PhD Dennis J. HURWITZ, MD, FACS Brianda HURTADO-DE-MENDOZA, MD Clyde ISHII, MD Ramon LLULL, MD, PhD Andrew JACONO, MD Marisa MANZANO SURROCA, MD Glenn W. JELKS, MD, FACS Jorge PLANAS, MD Mark L. JEWELL, MD SWEDEN Mary JEWELL Johan ANDERSSON Kathy JONES, RN, CPSN Per HEDEN, MD, PhD Chia Chi KAO, MD Igor A. NIECHAJEV, MD, PhD, DSc Jeffrey KENKEL, MD, FACS Birgit STARK, MD, PhD Khalil KHATRI, MD SWITZERLAND Kamran KHOOBEHI, MD Daniel F. KALBERMATTEN, MD, PhD Roger K. KHOURI, MD, FACS Daniel A. KNUTTI, MD Brian M. KINNEY, MD Claude OPPIKOFER, MD David KUNG, MD Pierre QUINODOZ, MD Wendy LEWIS Kai-Uwe SCHLAUDRAFF, MD, FEBOPRAS, FMH Tracee LOLOFIE THAILAND Luis Humberto MACIAS, MD, FACS Sanguan KUNAPORN, MD William MACK, MD Catherine MALEY, MBA TUNISIA Jason MANAR Bouraoui KOTTI, MD, PhD Keith MARCUS, MD TURKEY Timothy J. MARTEN, MD, FACS Mehmet Nuri Umit BAYRAMICLI, MD John MARTIN, MD Nazim CERKES, MD, PhD Guy MASSRY, MD Onur O. EROL, MD, PhD Alan MATARASSO, MD O. Erhan ERYILMAZ, MD Leo R. MCCAFFERTY, MD, FACS Ismail KURAN, MD Constantino G. MENDIETA, MD, FACS Fethi ORAK, MD Henry A. MENTZ III, MD Selahattin ÖZMEN, MD Daniel C. MILLS, MD, FACS Cemal Tg SENYUVA, MD Gabriele MIOTTO, MD, MEd Ihan SERDAROGLU, MD Harry MITTELMAN, MD Tunc K. TIRYAKI, MD Steven R. MOBLEY, MD Reha C. YAVUZER, MD Izhak MUSLI Osman Akin YUCEL, MD Foad NAHAI, MD, FACS UKRAINE Nina NAIDU, MD, FACS Gennadiy PATLAZHAN, MD, PhD Paul NASSIF, MD UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Sheila NAZARIAN, MD Al ALY, MD James NEWMAN, MD Jamal A. Habiballah JOMAH, FRCSC, FRCSEd, ABHRS, FACS Jerry O’DANIEL, MD Luiz Sergio TOLEDO, MD T. Gerald O’DANIEL, MD Steven PEARLMAN, MD UNITED KINGDOM Samuel PEEK Paul Anthony HARRIS, MD Logan PENCE Lucian ION, FRCS (Plast) Al PEREZ Nigel MERCER, MD, FRCS Stephen PERKINS, MD Alison THORNBERRY Debra PHAIRAS UNITED STATES Jason POZNER, MD, FACS Gregory ALBERT, MD Lee L. Q. PU, MD, PhD Gary J. ALTER, MD Oscar M. RAMIREZ, MD Sherrell J. ASTON, MD, FACS Chelsy REGAN William G. AUSTEN, MD Rod J. ROHRICH, MD, FACS Allyson AVILA J. Peter RUBIN, MD, FACS Daniel C. BAKER, MD Adam J. RUBINSTEIN, MD Alfonso BARRERA, MD, FACS Michael SACOPULOS Rami K. BATNIJI, MD, FACS Bianca SALTZ Robert BAXTER Renato SALTZ, MD, FACS Thomas M. BIGGS, MD Michael SALZHAUER Amy BOYER Tim SAWYER Connie BRENNAN, RN Jeffrey SCHILLER, MD Louis BUCKY, MD Joel SCHLESINGER, MD Francisco CANALES, MD Jay SHORR Laurie A. CASAS, MD, FACS Mara SHORR Rich CASTELLANO Robert SINGER, MD, FACS Donn CHATHAM, MD Ozan SOZER, MD Mark CLEMENS, MD Cynthia STEELE, LA, NCEA Steven COHEN, MD W. Grant STEVENS, MD, FACS Grady Bruce CORE, MD, FACS James M. STUZIN, MD, FACS Richard A. D’AMICO, MD Jonathan SYKES, MD Steve DAVISON, MD Seth THALLER, MD Steven DAYAN, MD Dean TORIUMI, MD Barry E. DIBERNARDO, MD, FACS Susan VAN DYKE, MD Felmont F. EAVES III, MD, FACS Luis O. VASCONEZ, MD Jeff EPSTEIN, MD Jennifer L. WALDEN, MD, FACS Donna ERB, RN Heidi WALDORF, MD Chad ERICKSON Susan WELLS, RN, MS, CANS Gregory EVANS, MD, FACS Ted WOJNO, MD Julius Warren FEW, MD Rosy ZION Jack FISHER, MD Kristen FLAHARTY, PharmD 4 CONGRESS SUMMARY JOINT PROVIDERSHIP This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Essentials Areas and Elements of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education through the joint providership of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Inc. and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Inc. is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Inc. designates this live activity for a maximum of 41.5 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. The Scientific Sessions are designated for 24.5 credits. An additional 17 credits are designated for special seminars and optional courses. Earn up to 41.5 CME credits by attending a course in every time frame offered and the entire Scientific Sessions. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. Credit hours are subject to program changes. Of the 41.5 credits, 3 credit hours have been identified as programming dedicated to patient safety related topics and will satisfy Patient Safety CME requirements. 5 LOEWS MIAMI BEACH HOTEL 31 October, Wednesday 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm Women Surgeons’ Symposium 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Women Surgeons’ Reception 2 November, Friday 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm Faculty Dinner MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER ROOM A 1 November, Thursday 8:00 am – 10:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 pm 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm 2 November, Friday 8:00 am – 10:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 pm 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm 3 November, Saturday 8:00 am – 10:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 pm 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm 7:00 pm – 12:00 pm 4 November, Sunday 8:00 am – 9:00 am 9:00 am – 10:30 am 10:30 am – 12:00 pm 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm 1 November, Thursday 8:00 am – 10:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 pm 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm 2 November, Friday 8:00 am – 10:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 pm 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm 3 November, Saturday 8:00 am – 10:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 pm 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm 4 November, Sunday 8:00 am – 9:00 am 9:00 am – 10:30 am 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Session 1: Rhinoplasty I Session 2: Rhinoplasty II Session 3: Periocular Surgery I Session 4: Periocular Surgery II Opening Ceremony – Ballroom Welcome Reception – Exhibit Hall Session 5: Facelift I Session 6: Facelift II OHMORI Lecture Session 7: Facelift III Session 8: Endoscopic Facial Surgery Session 9: Minimally Invasive I Session 10: Minimally Invasive II Session 11: Minimally Invasive III Session 12: Fat Grafting and Stem Cells Beach Party Session 13: ASAPS Panel Session 14: Facial Surgery I Session 15: Facial Surgery II Session 16: Cybersecurity Panel ROOM B Session 17: Breast Augmentation I Session 18: Breast Augmentation II Session 19: Breast Augmentation III Session 20: Breast Augmentation IV Session 21: Breast – Mastopexy/Reduction I Session 22: Breast – Mastopexy/Reduction & Reconstruction Session 23: Abdominoplasty I Session 24: Abdominoplasty II Session 25: Body Contouring I Session 26: Body Contouring II Session 27: Special Topics Session 28: Patient Safety Session 29: EASAPS Panel Session 30: Rhinoplasty III Session 31: Vaginal Rejuvenation Panel 31 October, Wednesday 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm 1 November, Thursday 8:00 am – 2:30 pm 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm 2 November, Friday 8:00 am – 10:00 am 10:30 am – 11:00 pm 11:00 am – 12:00 am 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm 3 November, Saturday 8:00 am – 2:30 pm 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm 4 November, Sunday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm 1 November, Thursday 8:00 am – 10:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 pm 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm 2 November, Friday 8:00 am – 10:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 pm 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm 3 November, Saturday 8:00 am – 10:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 pm 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm 4 November, Sunday 8:00 am – 9:00 am 9:00 am – 10:30 am 10:30 am – 12:00 pm ROOM C Residents & Fellows Forum Residents & Fellows Reception Practice Growth Strategies Branding and Celebrity Positioning Website & Digital Marketing Demystified Website Makeover Panel Lifestyle Design Social Media Mastery Clinical Operations & Management Live Practice Marketing Makeovers ISAPS Skin & Non-Surgical ROOM D Free Papers Session 1, 5, 9, 13 Free Papers Session 2, 6 10, 14 Free Papers Session 3, 7, 11, 15 Free Papers Session 4, 8, 12, 16 Free Paper Session 17, 21, 25, 29 Free Paper Session 18, 22, 26, 30 Free Paper Session 19, 23, 27, 31 Free Paper Session 20, 24, 28, 32 Session 32: Asian Facial Surgery I Session 33: Asian Facial Surgery II Free Paper Session 33, 35, 37, 39 Free Paper Session 34, 36, 38, 40 Session 34: OSAPS Panel Session 35: Gluteal Augmentation Panel Session 36: Breast & Body LINCOLN BALLROOM 31 October, Wednesday 7:00 am – 10:00 am Cadaver Lab I – Face & Browlift 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Cadaver Lab II – Rhinoplasty 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm Cadaver Lab III – Mastopexy & Labiaplasty EXHIBIT HALL HOURS Thursday, November 1 9:00 am – 4:00 pm & 7:30 – 10:00 pm Friday, November 2 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday, November 3 9:00 am – 4:00 pm 6 WEDNESDAY 31 OCTOBER MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER & LOEWS HOTEL 7 PROGRAM SCHEDULE Wednesday, 31 October The scientific program is correct at the time of printing; however, the Program Committee reserves the right to alter the schedule as necessary. Please visit www.isapsmiami2018.com for an up-to-date program schedule. Miami Beach Convention Center LINCOLN BALLROOM CADAVER DISSECTION SESSIONS Americana Ballroom – Loews Hotel WOMEN SURGEONS’ SYMPOSIUM Welcome by Renato SALTZ, MD, FACS (USA) Chair: Nina Naidu, MD, FACS (USA) Chairs: Gianluca Campiglio, MD, PhD (Italy); Grady Bruce Core, MD, FACS (USA); Ivar van Heijningen, MD (Belgium) 7:00 – 10:00 am Cadaver Lab I – Face & Browlift Instructors: Bryan Mendelson, FRCSE, FRACS, FACS (Australia), Chia Chi Kao, MD (USA) Carlos Casagrande, MD (Brazil), Gregory Albert, MD (USA), Carlos Uebel, MD, PhD (Brazil) Renato Saltz, MD, FACS (USA) 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Cadaver Lab II – Rhinoplasty Instructors: Nazim Cerkes, MD, PhD (Turkey), Enrico Robotti, MD (Italy), Bahman Guyuron, MD (USA), Joseph Gryskiewicz, MD, FACS (USA), Dean Toriumi, MD (USA), Rod Rohrich, MD, FACS (USA), Wolfgang Gubisch, MD, PhD (Germany) 3:00 – 6:00 pm Cadaver Lab III – Mastopexy & Labiaplasty Instructors: Lina M. Triana, MD (Colombia), Christine Hamori, MD (USA), Frank Lista, MD, FRCSC (Canada), W. Grant Stevens, MD, FACS (USA), Ruth Graf, MD, PhD (Brazil), Ricardo Ribeiro, MD (Brazil) 1:30 – 1:40 pm Introduction Nina Naidu, MD, FACS (USA) 1:40 – 2:30 pm Honoring and Learning from our Leaders Speakers: Ruth M. Graf, MD, PhD (Brazil) Laurie A. Casas, MD, FACS (USA) Haideh Hirmand, MD (USA) 2:30 – 3:30 pm Challenges of Being a Woman Plastic Surgeon Speakers: Ewa Anna Siolo, MD, FRCSC, FC Plast, Mmed (South Africa) Survey Results of Women Plastic Surgeons from Around the World Dana Mihaela Jianu, MD, PhD (Romania) Gender Discrimination Lina M. Triana, MD (Colombia) Work/Life Balance: Children, Family, and More Panel Discussion Panel Moderator: Lina M. Triana, MD (Colombia) Panelists: Gabriel Liscano (Colombia) Violeta M. Skorobac Asanin, MD (Serbia) Dana Mihaela Jianu, MD, PhD (Romania) Ewa Anna Siolo, MD, FRCSC, FC Plast, Mmed (South Africa) 3:30 – 4:30 pm Ethically Leveraging our Unique Position as Women Plastic Surgeons Speakers: Nina Naidu, MD, FACS (USA) Aesthetic Breast Surgery Nina Schwaiger, MD (Germany) Body Contouring Lina M. Triana, MD (Colombia) Vaginal Rejuvenation Panel Discussion Panel Moderator: Patricia Gutierrez-Ontalvilla, MD, PhD (Spain) Panelists: Marisa Manzano Surroca, MD (Spain) Nina Naidu, MD, FACS (USA) Lina M. Triana, MD (Colombia) Heather Furnas, MD (USA) 4:30 – 5:30 pm Working with our Men Plastic Surgeon Colleagues ­ Round Table Discussion Moderator: Fatema Al Subhi, MD, MBBS, SSC-plast (Saudi Arabia) Speakers: Renato Saltz, MD, FACS (USA) Heather Furnas, MD (USA) Francisco Canales, MD (USA) Brianda Hurtado-De-Mendoza, MD (Spain) 5:30 – 6:30 pm Women Plastic Surgeons’ Reception ROOM C RESIDENTS & FELLOWS FORUM Welcome by Renato SALTZ, MD, FACS (USA) 1:00 – 5:00 pm Moderators: Fabian E. Cortinas, MD (Argentina) & Bianca Ohana, MD (Brazil) Speakers: Glenn W. Jelks, MD, FACS (USA) ­ Periorbital Barbara Helena Barcaro Machado, MD (Brazil) ­ Facelift Al Aly, MD (UAE) ­ Body Contouring Luis Fernando Perin, MD, FACS (Brazil) ­ Breast Augmentation Bahman Guyuron, MD (USA) ­ Rhinoplasty Thomas Rappl, MD (Austria) ­ Minimally Invasive Birgit Stark, MD, PhD (Sweden) ­ Mastopexy/Breast Augmentation Chair: Maria Wiedner, MD (Germany) 5:00 – 6:00 pm Residents & Fellows Reception 5:00 – 6:00 pm MC1 – Face Lift MASTER CLASSES Timothy J. Marten, MD, FACS (USA) MC2 – Brow Lift Luis O. Vasconez, MD (USA) MC4 – Rhinoplasty MC3 – Blepharoplasty Susumu Takayanagi, MD, PhD (Japan) Nazim Cerkes, MD, PhD (Turkey) MC5 – Breast Augmentation Ricardo Cavalcanti Ribeiro, MD (Brazil) & Barbara Helena Barcaro Machado, MD (Brazil) MC6 – Breast Reduction/Mastopexy Moustapha Hamdi, MD, PhD (Belgium) MC9 – Body Contouring Surgery in the MWL patient André Luis de Menzes MARANHAO, MD, MBA (Brazil) Claude Oppikofer (Switzerland) Catherine Maley, MBA (USA) 8 MC12 – Improved Efficiency and Patient Safety Through Better Knowledge of Human Factors MC13 – Strategies for Marketing & Branding Your Aesthetic Practice THURSDAY 1 NOVEMBER MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 9 7:00 – 8:00 am MC1 – Face Lift MASTER CLASSES MC4 – Rhinoplasty Bryan C. Mendelson, FRCSE, FRACS, FACS (Australia) MC2 – Brow Lift Rod J. Rohrich, MD, FACS (USA) MC5 – Breast Augmentation MC6 – Breast Reduction/Mastopexy Joao Carlos Sampaio Goes, MD, PhD (Brazil) MC7 – Abdominoplasty Stephen Perkins, MD (USA) MC3 – Blepharoplasty Dirk F. Richter, MD, PhD (Germany) & Vakis Kontoes, MD, PhD (Greece) Gianluca Campiglio, MD, PhD (Italy) & Giovanni Botti, MD (Italy) Osvaldo Rib Saldanha, MD (Brazil) & Yoram Wolf, MD (Israel) MC8 – Buttock Augmentation Constantino G. Mendieta, MD, FACS (USA) Room B 8:00 – 10:00 am Session 17: Breast Augmentation I Moderators: Joao Carlos Sampaio Goes, MD, PhD (Brazil) & Ozan Sozer, MD (USA) 8:00 am 8:10 am 8:20 am Alberto Magno Lott Caldeira, MD, MSc, PhD (Brazil) Fat Transfer in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery Richard A. D’Amico, MD (USA) Acellular Adipose Matrix: A Tissue Inductive Material Joseph Gryskiewicz, MD, FACS (USA) Tuberous Breast: Dual Plane Breast Augmentation for the “In-Between” Patient Carlos Lasa Jr., MD (Philippines) Surgical Management of Gynecomastia Jaime Anger, MD (Brazil) Treatment Algorithm for Secondary Breast Augmentation Bishara Shafik Atiyeh, MD (Lebanon) Preoperative Assessment Tool for Planning of Inframammary Incision and Implant Profile in Breast Augmentation Hussein Saber Abulhassan, MD (Egypt) Reshaping of the Male Upper Body with a Scarless Approach Pedro Bins Ely, MD, PhD (Brazil) Breast Implants and Evidence ­ Based Medicine: Emphasis on Antibiotics Mark Clemens, MD (USA) Breast Implant Associated ALCL: Enough Debate, What We Definitively Know Alain Danino, MD (Canada) Is There a Perfect Match Between a Cellular Derma Matrix and Implant Texture Isabel De Benito, MD (Spain) How to Avoid and Manage Malposition and Rotation of Shaped Implants Emmanuel Delay, MD (France) Treatment of Breast Implants Complications by Fat Transfer Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall Room A 8:00 – 10:00 am Session 1: Rhinoplasty I Moderators: Nazim Cerkes, MD, PhD (Turkey) & Niveo Steffen, MD (Brazil) 8:00 am 8:10 am Dean Toriumi, MD (USA) Open Rhinoplasty Fabian E. Cortinas, MD (Argentina) Identification and Correction of Specific Defects in Primary Rhinoplasty Panagiotis N. Mantalos, MD, PhD (Greece) Grafting in Primary Rhinoplasty Enrico B. Robotti, MD (Italy) Modern Approach to Open Rhinoplasty Steven Pearlman, MD (USA) Crooked Nose Mehmet Nuri Umit Bayramicli, MD (Turkey) Septonasal Deviations: A Classification System and Algorithm Kirill P. Pshenisnov, MD, PhD (Russia) Significant Changing’s in Personal Rhinoplasty Approach and Techniques During the Last Five Years Capi Wever, MD (Netherlands) The Septum Extension Graft as a Reliable Tool to Set the Heavy Tip and Avoid Over-Rotation Olivier Gerbault, MD (France) New Concepts in Osteotomies and Bone Reshaping in Rhinoplasty Volney Araujo Pitombo, MD (Brazil) Tip, Dorsum and Alar Base Balance Rhinoplasty Marcos Harel, MD (Israel) A Comprehensive Approach to Manage the Droopy Tip Endonasally Ori Shulman, MD (Israel) Endonasal Approach for Tip Surgery: Is it Still Relevant in a World of Open Rhinoplasty? Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 8:20 am 8:30 am 8:40 am 8:50 am 9:00 am 8:30 am 8:40 am 8:50 am 9:00 am 9:10 am 9:10 am 9:20 am 9:20 am 9:30 am 9:40 am 9:30 am 9:40 am 9:50 am 9:50 am Discussion Discussion 10:00 – 10:30 am 10:00 – 10:30 am 10 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER Room A 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Session 2: Rhinoplasty II Moderators: Peter Desmond Scott, MD (South Africa) & Volney Pitombo, MD (Brazil) 10:30 am Aldo Muirragui, MD (Ecuador) Innovations in Secondary Rhinoplasties 10:40 am Stephen Perkins, MD (USA) Secondary/Revision Rhinoplasty without the use of Costal Cartlilage 10:50 am Onur O. Erol, MD, PhD (Turkey) Compressed Diced Cartilage Injection in the Treatment of Secondary Rhinoplasty 11:00 am Myung Ju Lee, MD, PhD (South Korea) Contracted Nose Correction with Autologous Rib Cartilage Grafting 11:10 am Jorge Planas, MD (Spain) Use of Dermal Regenerative Template in Rhinoplasty 11:20 am Rene C. Valerio, MD (Philippines) A Novel Approach to Rhinoplasty in Malays 11:30 am Alan Landecker, MD (Brazil) The Ten Essential Steps in Primary Structuresd Rhinoplasty 11:40 am Jose Carlos Daher, MD (Brazil) Rhinoplasty – Our Routine Today for Harmony and Function: 45 Years of Experience Discussion 12:00 – 1:30 pm 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch – Exhibit Hall ISAPS Business Meeting Lunch – Room A Room B 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Session 18: Breast Augmentation II Moderators: Thomas M. Biggs, MD (USA) & Gianluca Campiglio, MD, PhD (Italy) 10:30 am Kotaro Yoshimura, MD (Japan) Selective and Combined Use of Implant and Fat Grafting for the Breast 10:40 am Esteban H. Elena, MD (Argentina) Secondary Surgery of Breast Augmentation – Difficult Cases 10:50 am Joan Fontdevila, MD, PhD (Spain) How Fat Grafting has Changed the Way I Treat the Tuberous Breast and the Breast Asymmetries 11:00 am Nimrod Friedman, MD (Israel) Choosing the Right Breast Implant for Each Indication According to the Envelope Physical and Biological Characteristics and the Complications Rate 11:10 am Julio Daniel Kirschbaum, MD (Peru) Treatment of Breast Capsular Contracture 11:20 am Marco Ettore Klinger, MD (Italy) Aesthetic Breast, with Special Reception to Stenotic Breast 11:30 am Jie Luan, MD (China) The Chinese Technique of Endoscopic Transaxillary Breast Augmentation: A Report of 1000 Cases 11:40 am Li Yu, MD, PhD (China) Transaxillary Approach for Treatment of Secondary Deformity of Augmentation Mammaplasty with Endoscopic Assistance 11:50 am Egidio Riggio, MD (Italy) A New Type of Dual-Plane Technique for Breast Augmentation: The Vertical Plane Discussion 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch – Exhibit Hall 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch Seminar – Motiva – Room B 1:30 – 3:00 pm Session 19: Breast Augmentation III Moderators: Carlos Oscar Uebel, MD, PhD (Brazil) & W. Grant Stevens, MD, FACS (USA) 1:30 pm Marcio A. Hoffman Rigo, MD (Brazil) Breast Augmentation with Muscle Splitting in Secondary Cases 1:40 pm Gregory Evans, MD, FACS (USA) Correcting Implant Malposition 1:50 pm Guillermo Siemienczuk, MD (Argentina) Breast Ecotest: A New Tool for Choosing the Pocket Location of the Implants 2:00 pm Mark Jewell, MD (USA) Betadine and Breast Implants- Effective Strategy for Control Infection and Biofilm 2:10 pm Osman Akin Yucel, MD (Turkey) Decision Making in Breast Augmentation 2:20 pm Stefano Bruschi, MD (Italy) Augmentation Mastoplasty – How to Cope with Difficult Cases: The Slip-Sliding Technique 2:30 pm Noam Hai, MD (Israel) Lessons Learned From 10 Years Experience of Using MacroTextured Breast Implants in 2018 Patients Since 2007 2:40 pm Kamran Khoobehi, MD (USA) Fat Grafting for Implant Failure and Removal 2:50 pm Bianca Ohana, MD (Brazil) Breast Augmentation with Anatomic Implants – Natural and Aesthethic Results Discussion 11 1:30 – 3:00 pm Session 3: Periocular Surgery I Moderators: James C. Grotting, MD (USA) & Kunihiko Nohira, MD (Japan) 1:30 pm Vladimir Marik, MD (Czech Republic) Arcus Marginalis Release with Transposition Fat and Long-Term Results 1:40 pm Michel Rouif, MD (France) Lower Blepharoplasty with Micro Autologous Fat Grafting: How to Improve Results and Prevent Complicationse 1:50 pm Ted Wojno, MD (USA) Subtleties in Eyelid Anatomy 2:00 pm Guy Massry, MD (USA) Lower Blepharoplasty: What I Have Learned in 20 Years of Practice 2:10 pm Sergio da Fonseca Lessa, MD (Brazil) The Importance of Sectioning of the Orbicularis Retaining Ligament in the Correction of Lower Eyelid Positioning 2:20 pm Dennis O. von Heimburg, MD, PhD (Germany) Lower Eyelid Surgery – Fixation Procedures in Therapy and Prophylaxis 2:30 pm Enzo R. Citarella, MD (Brazil) Repositioning the Brow Before or After Upper Belpharoplasty 2:40 pm Peter Chanwoo Kim, MD, PhD, MBA (South Korea) Aesthetic Corrections of Exophthalmos (Orbital Bone Surgery) 2:50 pm Flavio Saccomanno, MD (Italy) Myoextended Blepharoplasty: A Technique for the Correction of Complex Inferior Eyelid Deformities Discussion THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 3:00 – 3:30 pm Room A Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 3:00 – 3:30 pm Room B Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 3:30 – 5:00 pm Session 4: Periocular Surgery II Moderators: Dirk F. Richter, MD, PhD (Germany) & Lokesh Kumar, MD (India) 3:30 pm Nelson Augusto Letizio, MD (Brazil) Lateral Browlift in Forehead Lift: Double Angled Percutaneous Sutures 3:40 pm 3:50 pm 4:00 pm 4:10 pm 4:20 pm 4:30 pm 4:40 pm 4:50 pm Graeme J. Southwick, MD (Australia) The Lateral Temporal Lift in Periorbital and Facelift Surgery Donn Chatham, MD (USA) The Metamorphosis of the Attractive Brow Fausto Viterbo, MD, PhD (Brazil) Gliding Brow Lifting (GBL). New Technique. Jeffrey Schiller, MD (USA) Transblepharoplasty Midface Lift Sebastien Garson, MD (France) Midface How to Make Easy and Reproductible Nina Schwaiger, MD (Germany) Periorbital Surgery – What? When? Why? Marcelo R. C. Araujo, MD (Brazil) Treating Lower Lid Malposition Kamran As’adi, MD (Iran) Trans-Palpebral Foreheadplasty 3:30 – 5:00 pm Session 20: Breast Augmentation IV Moderators: Jack Fisher, MD (USA) & Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff, MD (Switzerland) 3:30 pm Gennadiy Patlazhan, MD, PhD (Ukraine) Correction of Different Degrees of Breast Asymmetry in Augmentation Mammoplasty 3:40 pm 3:50 pm Juan Carlos Seiler Sr., MD (Argentina) Controversies in Submuscular Breast Implants Birgit Stark, MD, PhD (Sweden) The Swedish Breast Implant Registry: Experience from 20000 Implants Javier Vera Cucchiaro, MD (Argentina) Anatomical Breast Implants Alexis Verpaele, MD (Belgium) Rationale and Myths Around the Use of MicroPolyurethane Covered Silicone Breast Implants Theodore Voukidis, MD, PhD, FACS (Greece) Is the Breast Implant’s Shape, the Number One, Success Factor? Chen (Neil) Zhang, MD (China) Building a Natural Breast with Round Shape Implant – My 20 Year’s Personal Experience Claudio G. L. Ghilardi, MD (Argentina) Breast Augmentation: Intraoperatory Rapid Expansion in Breast Augmentation Jack Fisher, MD (USA) Managing Biofilm and Bioburden Associated with Breast Augmentation 4:00 pm 4:10 pm 4:20 pm 4:30 pm 4:40 pm 4:50 pm Discussion Discussion 12:00 – 1:00 pm MC9 – Body Contouring Surgery in the MWL Patient MASTER CLASSES MC12 – How to Maximize Profit in an Aesthetic Practice MC14 – Successful MediSpas Dennis J. Hurwitz, MD, FACS (USA) W. Grant Stevens, MD, FACS (USA) Amy Boyer (USA) Jason Pozner, MD, FACS (USA) & Louis Bucky, MD (USA) MC15 – Non-Surgical Devices that Work for Me MC10 – Hair Transplantation Alfonso Barrera, MD, FACS (USA) & Carlos Oscar Uebel, MD, PhD (Brazil) MC11 – Vaginal Rejuvenation MC13 – Strategies for Marketing & Branding Your Aesthetic Practice Barry E. DiBernardo, MD, FACS (USA) MC16 – Injectables that Work for Me Lina M. Triana, MD (Colombia) 5:30 – 9:00 pm Haideh Hirmand, MD (USA) & Heidi Waldorf, MD (USA) Opening Ceremony in Room A & Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall Register For One or More Master Classes and Spend One Full Hour With One of the Greatest Experts in Any Field You Want. Almost Like a Private Education Session Just For You. 12 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 8:00 am – 2:00 pm Practice Growth Strategies 8:00 am Opening Session – Renato Saltz, MD, FACS (USA) & Julie Guest (USA) 8:30 am Julie Guest (USA) The Patient Stampede – 7 Steps to Creating a Waiting List Plastic Surgery Practice 9:00 am Jennifer Walden, MD, FACS (USA) The Entrepreneurial Physician – Uncovering Hidden Revenue Streams In Your Practice 9:30 am Allyson Avila (USA) The Top 10 Habits of Highly Effective Medical Practices 9:45 am Ozan Sozer, MD (USA) How to Build a High Volume Practice and Manage It 10:00 – 10:30 am Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 10:30 am Thierry Van Hemelryck (France) How to Incorporate a Successful Medical Spa (a European Perspective) 10:45 am Richard Castellano, MD (USA) How to Run Profitable Seminars that Convert! 11:00 am Cheryl Taylor (Australia) Raving Fans: A Proven System for Creating Clients for Life in Your Practice 11:15 am Chelsy Regan (USA) Marketing to Millennials: Adapting to the Rise of Non-Invasive Aesthetics 11:30 am Jerry O’Daniel, MD (USA) The Clinic Multiplier: 10 Strategic Initiatives to Grow Your Practice 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch – Exhibit Hall 1:30 pm Samuel Peek (USA) Playing to Win – How to Price-Proof Your Practice and Have Patients Happily Pay Higher Fees 1:45 pm Rich Castellano (USA) How to Use the Scientific Method in Your Business 2:00 – 2:30 pm Panel: Strategies to Increase Your Consult Conversion Rate Moderators: Wendy Lewis (USA) & Catherine Maley, MBA (USA) Panelists: Tracee Lolofie (USA), Patrick Flaharty, MD (USA), Cheryl Taylor (Australia), Ozan Sozer, MD (USA), Thierry Van Hemelryck, MD (France) 2:30 – 5:00 pm Branding and Celebrity Positioning 2:30 pm Wendy Lewis (USA) Case Study: The Dos and Don’ts of Rebranding Your Practice 2:45 pm Catherine Maley, MBA (USA) How to Market to Your Preferred Patients So They Choose YOU 3:00 – 3:30 pm Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 3:30 pm Patrick Flaharty, MD & Kristen Flaharty, PharmD (USA) The Power of Using White Labeling to Build Your Brand 3:45 pm Patricia Sorrentino (Brazil) Branded Content and Digital Strategy 4:00 pm Nina Naidu, MD, FACS (USA) How I Created My Own Line of Custom Formulations of Skincare to Grow My Brand 4:15 pm Robert Baxter, MD (USA) Step-By-Step Instructions to Improve Your Online Brand and Reputation 4:30 pm Michael Salzhauer, MD (USA) When Your Practice Turns Into a Reality TV Show THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER Room C ISAPS Business School F R E E PA P E R SESSIONS 8:00 – 10:00 am Sessions 1, 5, 9, 13 10:00 – 10:30 am Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Sessions 2, 6, 10, 14 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch – Exhibit Hall 1:30 – 3:00 pm Sessions 3, 7, 11, 15 3:00 – 3:30 pm Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 3:30 – 5:00 pm Sessions 4, 8, 12, 16 13 Room D-1 8:00 – 10:00 am Free Paper Session 1: Rhinoplasty 8:00 am 8:08 am 8:16 am 8:24 am 8:32 am 8:40 am 8:48 am 8:56 am 9:04 am 9:12 am 9:20 am 9:28 am 9:36 am 9:44 am Discussion Billur Sezgin, MD (Turkey) Defining a New Variable that May Impact Long-Term Postoperative Nasal Tip Support: The Biomechanical Properties of the Columellar Strut Graft Shitiz Gupta, MD (India) Our Experience of Nasal Augmentation Using Olecranon Bone Graft Lucio Henrique Romao dos Santos Junior (Brazil) Standardization of Rhinoplasty Assessment Silvio Podda, MD (USA) Refinements in Secondary Cleft Rhinoplasty. The Simultaneous Use of Multiple Grafts Reduces the Reoperation Rate Restoring Normal Anatomical Features Wael Saadeleen, MD (Egypt) Rhinoplasty for the Blurred Flabby Nose Adriana Pozzi, MD (Italy) Dorsal Aesthetic Lines in Primary Open Rhinoplasty Pavlo Denyshchuk, PhD (Ukraine) Functional Principles of Closed Rhinoplasty Jesusito Zubiri, MD (Philippines) Morphology of the Malay Nose: A Subethnic Analysis of South Asian Noses Vitaly Golovach, MD (Russia) Nasal Defect Replacement by Allogenic Cartilage Toshiya Yokoyama, MD, PhD (Japan) Septal Extension Graft with Costal Cartilages Sliced in One Side Samuel Shatkin, MD (USA) A Novel Technique for Cosmetic and Functional Correction of the Aging Nose Ahmad Saad, MD, FACS (Spain) Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Female Patients: The Neoclassical Canons Revisited Ju Yun Jang, MD (China) Supratip Refinement Suture to Adjust the Supratip Contouring Aesthetic Rhinoplasty Sik Namgoong, MD, MSc (South Korea) Complicated Septorhinoplasty in East Asians: Is it a Clean Surgery Room D-2 8:00 – 10:00 am Free Paper Session 5: Breast Surgery 8:00 am 8:08 am 8:16 am 8:24 am 8:32 am 8:40 am 8:48 am 8:56 am 9:04 am Hiba El Hajj, MD (Belgium) A Novel Approach in Breast Reconstruction: The Flip-Over FascioCutaneous Thoracodorsal Flap Combined with Loops Cemal, Senyuva, MD (Turkey) Septum Based Upper Pole Technique for Mastopexy and Breast Reduction Foued Hamza, MD (France) Vertical Reduction Mammaplasty in Gigantomastia And Severe Breast Ptosis Patricia Gutierrez-Ontalvilla, MD (Spain) Outcomes of Lipofilling in Tuberous Breasts in Teenagers Dana Jianu, MD, PhD (Romania) One Key to Fit More Locks: Breast Pexies and Reductions with Central Inferior Pedicle with Popescu’s Technique Garrick Georgeu, MB CHB, MSC, FRCS (PLAS) (United Kingdom) The Décolletage Area – The Bermuda Triangle of Revision Breast Augmentation Surgery Horia Siclovan, MD (Romania) Advantages and Outcomes in Breast Augmentation using Two Different Pocket Planes ­ Subfascial and Muscle Splitting Biplane Jerzy Kolasinski, MD, PhD (Poland) Total Breast Reconstruction with Fat Grafting Combined with Tissue Expansion Mario Márquez, MD (Spain) Breast Reconstruction with Fat Grafting and Implant for Irradiated Breast Cancer Patients. Standardization of the Technique Between One, Two and Three Fat Grafts and Long Term Follow Up Ieva Rancane, MD (Latvia) Cadaver Fat Grafts For Breast Augmentation 30 Years Follow-Up: A Case Report Trina Ghosh, MD (USA) Outcomes and Revision Rates for Single and Two Stage Explantation Mastopexy Augmentation for Capsular Contracture: A Single Surgeon Experience Nasser Ghozlan, MD, PhD (Egypt) Developmental Breast Asymmetry Hamid Reza Fathi, MD (Iran) Histological Evaluation of the Specimens of the Aspirate Obtained from Breast Liposuction Marwan Abboud, MD (Belgium) Power-Assisted Liposuction Mammaplasty (Palm): A New Technique for Breast Reduction 9:12 am 9:20 am 9:28 am 9:36 am 9:44 am Discussion 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Free Paper Session 2: Periorbital 10:30 am 10:38 am 10:46 am 10:54 am 11:02 am 11:10 am 11:18 am 11:26 am 11:34 am 11:42 am Discussion 14 William Lao, MD (Taiwan) Optimizing Asian Periorbital Rejuvenation: Fat Injection Topography and Techniques Using an Adjustable Fat Injection Gun Iskender Kachkinbaev, MD (Kyrgyzstan) Asian Eyelids Surgery. New Classification of the Asian Eyelids. The Anatomical Differences in the Diversity of the Asian Eyelids are Developed According to the Sagittal Section and it Determines the Type of the Operation to be Performed Ana Santamaria, PhD (Spain) Bright Eyes – Remodeling the Orbital Frame (ROF) Yong Kyu Kim, MD,PhD (South Korea) Congenital Ptosis Correction with Anterior Layer of Levator Palpebrae Aponeurosis Francisco Menendez-Graino, PhD (Spain) Upper Lid Blepharoplasty. Central Fat Pad Removal without Opening Orbital Septum Mokhtar Asaadi, MD (USA) Comprehensive Treatment of Difficult Eyelids, Festoons and Malar Bags Tatiana Turini, MD (Brazil) The Use of the Orbicularis Muscle on Aesthetic Blepharoplasty Chunmei Wang, MD, PhD (China) The Value of Levator Shortening for Correction of High Supratarsal Fold After Cosmetic Upper Blepharoplasty in Asian Women Wen-Chieh Liao, MD (Chinese Taipei) Balanced Effect of Subbrow Upper Blepharoplasty – My Personal Experiences and Techniques Nelson Letizio, MD (Brazil) Correction of Ectropion in Secondary Blepharoplasties Trough the Transconjunctival Approach 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Free Paper Session 6: Face and Neck Rejuvenation 10:30 am 10:38 am 10:46 am 10:54 am 11:02 am 11:10 am 11:18 am 11:26 am 11:34 am 11:42 am Discussion Monisha Kapoor, MBBS, MS, MCh (India) Use of Buccal Fat Pad for Facial Contouring Wolfgang Funk, MD (Germany) Presto Facelift Technique Larry Gray, MD (USA) Experience with the MACS Facelift Domingos De Paola, MD (Brazil) “Round” Mini-Lift – A Simplified Fast Recovery Mini-MACS Lift Kimit Rai, FRCS (Canada) Facial Rejuvenation with Varied Injectables Pavel Kurial, MD (Czech Republic) The Frontal Branch of the N.VII in Relation to Face-Lift and Lateral BrowLift Approach Charalambos Rammos, MD (USA) Submandibular Gland Reduction and Tangential Excision of the Anterior Belly of the Digastrics in Aesthetic Contouring of the Neck Hongbin Xie, MD (China) Endoscopic Forehead Rhytidectomy for Patients with Upper Facial Wrinkles: Morphometric Evaluation and Patient-Reported Outcome Using Face-Q Scales Alessandro Gualdi, MD, PhD (Italy) Minimal Undermining Suspension Technique (MUST): Combined MidFace and Eyebrow Lift Via Temporal Incision Naci Celik, MD (Turkey) Thread Lift as a Non-Minimal Invasive Procedure in Face and Neck Rejuvenation THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER Room D-3 8:00 – 10:00 am Free Paper Session 9: Body Contouring 8:00 am 8:08 am 8:16 am 8:24 am 8:32 am 8:40 am 8:48 am 8:56 am 9:04 am 9:12 am 9:20 am 9:28 am 9:36 am 9:44 am Discussion Mathias Tremp, MD (Switzerland) Outcome in Body Contouring Surgery After Massive Weight Loss ­ A Prospective Matched Single-Blind Study Alfredo Hoyos, MD (Colombia) Surgical Procedures for the Buttocks and Body Ebba Swedenhammar, MD (Sweden) A Five-Year Follow-Up After Repair of Abdominal Rectus Diastasis: A Prospective Randomized Study Christian Asher, MBBS (United Kingdom) Umbilical Tailoring in Abdominoplasty: A Simple and Consistent Way of Shortening a Post Bariatric Umbilicus Stefan Danilla, MD, MSc (Chile) Rectus Abdominis Fat Transfer (RAFT) in Lipoabdominoplasty: A New Technique to Achieve Fitness Body Contour in Patients that Require Tummy Tuck Elias Nassif, MD (Lebanon) Bowel Perforation and Peritonitis After Vaser Liposculpture Junwook Lee, MD (South Korea) Secondary Gluteal Augmentation: Surgical Technique and Outcomes Luiz Toledo, MD (United Arab Emirates) 30 Years of the V-Tip Toledo Dissector Cannula Narges Horriat, MD (USA) Hazards of the Harvest: Fat Grafting and Implant Related Infections Giorgio Giatsidis, MD, PhD (USA) Closed Incision Negative-Pressure Therapy Reduces Complications in Post-Bariatric Body Contouring Jean Francois PASCAL, MD (France) Post-Bariatric Brachioplasties: Particularities Ernesto Andrade, MD (Colombia) Silicone Multi Micro-Implants System to Increase Volumen and Reshape the Buttock Stavroula Rodopoulou, MD, FEBOPRAS (Greece) Perfecting Aesthetic Results in Abdominoplasty: The Greek Line Technique Julio Fernandes, MD (Brazil) Guidelines for a Safer Liposuction: A Multidisciplinary Overview Room D-4 8:00 – 10:00 am Free Paper Session 13: General 8:00 am 8:08 am 8:16 am 8:24 am 8:32 am 8:40 am 8:56 am 9:04 am 9:12 am Hamid Karimi, MD (Iran) Lengthening of Palate with Unilateral Buccinator Flap Clayton Moliver, MD (USA) Transition to Non-Opioid Analgesia does not Impair Pain Control After Major Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Rafael Ribeiro, MD (Brazil) Prevalence of Body Dysmorphic Disorder in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Patients: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis Pablo Padilla, MD (USA) Medical Tourism and Postoperative Infections: A Systematic Literature Review of Causative Organisms and Empiric Treatment Ari Qader, PhD (Iraq) Role of Oral Propranolol inthe Treatment of Infantile Hemangiomas Kai Kaye, MD (Germany) Correction and Prevention of the Pixie Ear Deformity – A Combined Novel Technique Using the Posterior Earlobe Rotation Flap (PERF) and the Concha-Mastoid Suspension Suture (CMSS) Hilton Becker, MD, FACS (USA) Micro Stromal Vascular Fraction Injections Barbara Machado, MD (Brazil) Measuring Skin Improvement with 3D Stereophotogrammetry Imaging-System Mariana Caetano Barreto, MD (Brazil) Standardization in the Evaluation of Blepharoplasty 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Free Paper Session 10: Practice Management 10:38 am 10:46 am 10:54 am 11:10 am 11:18 am 11:26 am 11:34 am 11:42 am Tim Sawyer, BA (USA) Social Media that Drives ROI Pavel Hilbert, Ing (Czech Republic) Online Communication: Errors that May Destroy Your Online Reputation April Linden, BA (USA) Creating Patients for Life: Applying the Ritz Carlton Service Standards to Your Practice Jay Shorr, BA, CAC I-XII (USA) Your Exit Plan: Planning Ahead for Retirement Mara Shorr, BS, CAC I-XII (USA) The Benefits of Proper Employee Selection: Training, Retaining and Motivating Your Most Valuable Employees David Sena, MD, PhD (Brazil) How to Develop a Productive Content Creation Routine for Digital Medical Marketing Zeina Asyyed, BSc (Canada) The Use of Twitter by Plastic Surgery Journals Jared Garlick, MD (USA) Transparency of Provider Education and Board Certification Among Cosmetic Surgeons Discussion 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Free Paper Session 14: Injectables, Skin Care & Non-Invasive 10:30 am 10:38 am 10:46 am 10:54 am 11:02 am 11:10 am 11:18 am 11:26 am 11:34 am Discussion THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER Discussion Giuseppe Sito, MD (Italy) A New Proposal for a Customized Treatment of Lips Anastasia Mashkina, MD (Russia) Skin Quality: How to Improve the Appearance of a Patient with Post-Acne and Photoaging Morris Hartstein, MD (Israel) Turning a Negative Into a Positive: Correcting Eyelid Malpositions with Hyaluronic Acid Filler Gabriele Muti, MD (Italy) Not Surgical Correction of Hemifacial Microsomia: Long Lasting Fillers are Suitable Robert Burke, MD, MS, DDS (USA) Novel Use of Noncoherent Led Light for Noninvasive Body Sculpting Konstantin Sulamanidze, MD (Georgia) Aesthetic Appearance Removal of Face Paralytic Deformity by Thread Lifting Methods Gabriele Miotto, MD, MEd (USA) An Algorithm for Selecting Combined Hyaluronic Acid Agents of Different Physical Properties in Facial Rejuvenation Peter Everts, PhD (USA) Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle Effects Following Pure-Platelet Rich Plasma Facial Injections: Patient Reported Outcomes Supported by Objective Biometric Evaluations Marcel Menezes, MD (Brazil) Evaluation of the Nasolabial Sulcus Improvement After High Density Fillers in the Malar Region. The Approach of CK1, CK2, CK3 MDCodes® 15 Room D-1 1:30 – 3:00 pm Free Paper Session 3: Face Rejuvenation 1:30 pm 1:38 pm 1:46 pm 1:54 pm 2:02 pm 2:10 pm 2:18 pm 2:26 pm 2:34 pm 2:42 pm Yoav Gronovich, MD, MBA (Israel) Innovative Surgical Approach Using Mesh Sling for the Aging Neck Andrey Iskornev, MD (USA) Hollywood Neck Lifting (Deep Plane Cervicoplasty) Lei Chen, MD (China) SVF-Gel Assisted Fat Transplantation for Face Rejuvenation Eustacio Rojas, MD (Paraguay) Achieving 3D Volumization with Bichat Suspension Mohamed Zaki, MD (Egypt) Evolution and Updates in Rejuvenation of the Aging Face Igor Niechajev, MD, PhD (Sweden) Chin Reduction Shunsuke Nagura, MD (Japan) Testing of Patient-Oriented Outcomes for Buccal Fat Pad Reduction Surgery Jed Bouguila, MD, PhD (Tunisia) Fat Grafting in Cranio-Maxillofacial Region TsaiMing Lin, PhD (Chinese Taipei) Micro-Autologous Fat Transplantation (MAFT) for Treating a Gummy Smile Chieh Chou, MD (Chinese Taipei) Micro-Autologous Fat Transplantation for Rejuvenation of the Dorsal Surface of the Aging Hand Room D-2 1:30 – 3:00 pm Free Paper Session 7: Breast Surgery 1:30 pm 1:38 pm 1:46 pm 1:54 pm 2:02 pm 2:10 pm 2:18 pm 2:26 pm 2:34 pm 2:42 pm Discussion Discussion Yhelda Felicio, MD (Brazil) Breaking Paradigmes about Breast Reduction – Axillary Approuch Mingu Kang, MD, PhD (South Korea) Severe Breast Ptosis (Grade III) Correction by Various Methods Juan Arbeláez, MD (Brazil) Reduction Mammoplasty and Mastopexy with Posterior-Inferior Flap: Our 23 Years of Experience Raul Chioibas, MD, PhD (Romania) How to Avoid External Scars in Mild to Moderate Ptotic Breast Cases Using Just Anatomic Implants and Internal Tissue Manipulation Yolanda Zayakova, MD (Bulgaria) Surgical Solutions in Breast Augmentation Alex Viezel-Mathieu, MD, CM (Canada) Acellular Dermal Matrix Sparing Direct to Implant Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction – A Comparative Study Including Cost Analysis Sabri Derder, MD (Switzerland) Why are We Removing Ruptured Breast Implants? A Review of the Literature Mariagrazia Moio, MD, PhD (Italy) Our Experience with Ultralight Implants in Breast Lift After One Year of Follow-Up Juliana Bodo, MD (Germany) Optimizing the Outcome in Augmentation-Mastopexie Alessandro Innocenti, MD (Italy) Tuberous Breast, A Real Challenge: A New Classification System and Personal Approach 3:30 – 5:00 pm Free Paper Session 4: Breast Surgery 3:30 pm 3:38 pm 3:46 pm 3:54 pm 4:02 pm 4:10 pm 4:18 pm 4:26 pm 4:34 pm 4:42 pm Hugo Loustau, MD (Argentina) The Owl Technique Combined with the Inferior Pedicle in Mastopexy Sergei Shapovalov, MD (Russia) Reconstructive Surgery in the Deformation and Defects of the Breast in Women Rajesh Vasu, MBBS, MS, MCh (India) NPWT-Reducing Early Postoperative Morbidity in Giant Breast Reductions Oleg Tkach, MD, PhD (Ukraine) Correction of Congenital Asymmetries of Mammary Glands Johannes Reinmüller, MD (Germany) Are Silicone-Implants Chemically Active? ­ Impact on Biocompatibility Seong Hwan Kim, MD (South Korea) Simultaneous Reconstruction with Nipple Sparing Mastectomy, Augmentation Mammoplasty, Mastopexy, Silicone Implant and Acellular Dermal Matrix on Polyacrylamide Gel Injected Breasts Sophie Bartsich, MD (USA) Concerns About Rupture Affect Breast Implant Preferences Survey Results 0f 1,143 Women Aly Abulhassan, PhD (Egypt) 3D Volumetric Fat Grafting for Optimal Breast Augmentation Sophia Si Ling Heng, MD (Malaysia) Seducing the Enemy – A Novel Technique Harnessing Hypertrophic Scarring from Thermal Burn for Areolar Reconstruction Mustafa Hanci, MD (Turkey) Single Incision Gynecomastia Correction 3:30 – 5:00 pm Free Paper Session 8: Injectables & Non-Invasive 3:30 pm 3:38 pm 3:46 pm 3:54 pm 4:02 pm 4:10 pm 4:18 pm 4:26 pm 4:34 pm Rachel Gray, BS (USA) How Might Juvéderm Impact a Patient’s Interaction with Others? Danica Fiaschetti, LVN (USA) Training the Support Staff Improves the Outcome of Hyaluronic Acid Gel Related Adverse Events Jens Altmann, MD (Germany) Early Experience with a Microwave Device for Treating Axillary Sweating in Aesthetic- Patients Insuck Suh, MD, PhD (South Korea) Simultaneous Fat Injection with Adipose-Derived Stem Cell and Foreign Body Removal as an Effective Treatment for Complications After Foreign Body Injection on Face Frank Lin, MBBS, FRACS (Australia) Lymphatic Vessels as a Potential Pathway for Retrograde Spread of Infection Following Peri-Orbital Filler Injections Thomas Rappl, MD (Austria) Volumetric Hand Rejuvenation, Anatomical Guidelines for an Optimal Filler Placement Almir Nácul, MD (Brazil) Facial Volumetry – Over 20 Years of Experience with Injectable Fillers Heidi Waldorf, MD (USA) Diluted and Hyperdiluted Calcium Hydroxylapatite for Skin Tightening: Guidelines from a Global Consensus Meeting Barry DiBernardo, MD (USA) Treatment of Facial Acne Scars with Microneedling in Combination with Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) Discussion Discussion 16 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER Room D-3 1:30 – 3:00 pm Free Paper Session 11: Hair Transplant 1:30 pm 1:38 pm 1:46 pm 1:54 pm 2:02 pm 2:10 pm 2:18 pm 2:26 pm 2:34 pm Bora Ozel, MD (Turkey) Beard Restoration with Simultaneous Dermabrasion-FUE Method in Patients with Burn Alopecia Keith Jeffords, MD, DDS (USA) Automated Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Restoration Viral Desai, M.Ch, DNB, MS (India) Instant Follicular Hair Unit Transplant Jeffrey Epstein, MD (USA) The Surgical Hairline Advancement/Forehead Reduction Surgery: Indications and Technique Jacqueline Stoneburner, BS (USA) Contemporary Management of Alopecia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis for Surgeons Juan Maldonado, MD (Colombia) New Simultaneus Harvesting and Implantation Technique in Robotic Hair Transplant Lokesh Handa, MS, MCh (United Arab Emirates) Female Hairline Lowering with Hair Restoration Marija Balkovic, MD (Serbia) FUE Method – Hair Transplantation, Indications and Special Indications Oscar Marinacci, MD (Argentina) Reconstruction of Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Sideburn and Other Special Areas with Hair Micro Transplantation Room D-4 1:30 – 3:00 pm Free Paper Session 15: Body Contouring 1:30 pm 1:38 pm 1:46 pm 1:54 pm 2:02 pm 2:10 pm 2:18 pm 2:26 pm 2:34 pm 2:42 pm Kazbek Kudzaev, MD (Russia) Waist Shaping Technique with Ribs Preservation Michael Salivaras, MD (United Arab Emirates) Multiplane Gluteoplasty. The Combination of Implants with Fat Grafting as a Powerful Technique for Refined Results Hanako Kazato, BS (Netherlands) Body-Q: Improvement in Physical Function and Symptoms After Abdominoplasty Horacio Mayer, MD, FACS (Argentina) The Suprapubic Dermoadipose Flap for Aesthetic Reshaping of the Postpregnancy Abdomen Michael Kelly, MD (USA) The Relationship of Neo-Umbilical Design to BMI in Abdominoplasty Marco Regazzo, MD (Brazil) The 20-15-5 (TFF) Technique for Effective and Safe Gluteal Fat Grafting Guilherme Miranda de Freitas, MD (Brazil) The Versatility of Liposculpture in Body Contour Lotte Poulsen, MD (Denmark) Body-Q: Patient-Reported Outcomes in Weight Loss and Body Contouring Surgery: A Cross-Sectional Analysis Using the Body-Q André Frisina, MD (Brazil) Analysis of Techniques of Umbilicoplasty in Aesthetic Abdominoplasty Stavroula Rodopoulou, MD (Greece) Torsoplasty Using 3D Cryolipolysis. A Prospective Study Following 910 Single Sessions Discussion Discussion 3:30 – 5:00 pm Free Paper Session 12: Genital & Transgender 3:30 pm 3:38 pm 3:46 pm 3:54 pm 4:02 pm 4:10 pm 4:18 pm 4:26 pm 4:34 pm 4:42 pm Discussion André Colaneri, MD (Brazil) New Classfication of Labia Minora Hypertrophy and its Correlation with Surgical Techniques Jennifer Walden, MD (USA) The Synergistic Effects of Multimodal Therapy Resulting in Better Outcomes for Women Seeking Vaginal Rejuvenation and Improvement of Sexual Function Ebrahim Hatamipour, MD (Iran) Labia Majora Augmentation with De-Epithelialized SIEA Flaps as an Auxiliary Procedure for Abdominoplasty and Labia Minora Reduction Fausto Viterbo, PhD (Brazil) New Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction After Radical Prostatectomy Using Nerve Grafts and End-To-Side Somatic-Autonomic Neurorraphy Rajesh Gawai, MCh (Bahrain) Penile Enhancement Alexander Aslani, MD, PhD (Spain) Body Feminization for the Male to Female Transgender Patient Using Large Volume Fat Grafting to the Buttocks Eric Bensimon, MD, FRCSC (Canada) Facail Feminization Surgery – 16 Years Experience of 1 Surgeon Carissa Patete, BS (USA) Surgical Treatment of Symptomatic Foreign Body Injections to the Male Genitalia Marcelo Daher, MD (Brazil) Star Nymphoplasty: A Surgical Technique for Labia Minora Hypertrophy Carmen Giuglea, MD, PhD (Romania) My Personal Opinion and Commentaries on Penile Lengthening and Thickening Procedures 3:30 – 5:00 pm Free Paper Session 16: Periorbital 3:30 pm 3:38 pm 3:46 pm 3:54 pm 4:02 pm 4:10 pm 4:18 pm 4:26 pm 4:34 pm 4:42 pm Sangmo Bae, MD, PhD (South Korea) Various Applications of Non-Incisional Blepharoptosis Repair Technique Elena Sukhoparova, PhD (Russia) Surgical Rejuvenation of the Upper Eyelids. Analysis of 1056 Cases Myriam MacDonald, MD (Canada) Orbital Metastasis of a Primary Cutaneous Mucinous Adenocarcinoma Hiroyuki Ohjimi, MD, PhD (Japan) Infrabrow Excision and Levator Advancement for Asian Blepharoptosis Patients: Surgical Technique and Postoperative Change of Eyelid and Eyebrow Grady Bruce Core, MD, FCS (USA) 10 Year Experience with Minimal Access Lower Lid Recontouring Guanhuier Wang, MD (China) Cosmetic and Structural Outcomes of Two Different Techniques of Medial Epicanthoplasty According to Epicanthal Fold Classification and Severity: A Cohort Study Richard Huggins, MBBS (Australia) Bony Aging of the Tear-Trough: High Resolution CT Analysis of 400 Cases from Birth to 100 Years of Age Juan Seiler, MD (Argentina) Evolution of the Transconjunctival Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty Milan Jovanovic, MD, PhD (Serbia) Contemporary Characteristics and Types of Orbital Region Ageing José Carlos Santos Parreira, MD (Portugal) Periorbital Rejuvenation:”Looking Better” Discussion THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 17 2 NOVEMBER MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER FRIDAY 18 7:00 – 8:00 am MC1 – Face Lift MASTER CLASSES MC4 – Rhinoplasty Foad Nahai, MD, FACS (USA) MC2 – Brow Lift Wolfgang Gubisch, MD, PhD (Germany) MC5 – Breast Augmentation MC7 – Abdominoplasty Joseph P. Hunstad, MD, FACS (USA) MC8 – Buttock Augmentation Chia Chi Kao, MD (USA) & Grady Bruce Core, MD, FACS (USA) Per Heden, MD, PhD (Sweden) & Mark L. Jewell, MD (USA) MC3 – Blepharoplasty Alfredo Hoyos Ariza, MD (Colombia) Glenn W. Jelks, MD, FACS (USA) MC6 – Breast Reduction/Mastopexy Ruth M. Graf, MD, PhD (Brazil) Room A 8:00 – 10:00 am Session 5: Facelift I Moderators: Bryan C. Mendelson, FRCSE, FRACS, FACS (Australia) & Vakis Kontoes, MD, PhD (Greece) 8:00 am Eduardo R. Sucupira, MD (Brazil) Matching Aesthetic Goals: An Algorithm for Facial Surgical Treatments Theddeus O. H. Prasetyono, MD (Indonesia) A Teolly Triad of Photogrammetric Facial Analysis as Additional Parameter to Assess Facial Beauty Adrian Manjarrez, MD (Mexico) Facial Balance: Its Importance in Rejuvenation James M. Stuzin, MD, FACS (USA) Basic Concepts to Consider in any Face Lift Technique Giovanni Botti, MD (Italy) Effective Facelift Procedures Juan Martin Chavanne Nougues, MD (Argentina) High Suprazigomatic SMAS Facelift. A Natural Technical Evolution Marcelo Daher, MD (Brazil) Eutrophic Rythidoplasty with SMAS Falciform Plicature Andrew Jacono, MD (USA) Extended Deep Plane Facelifting: Durable Midface, Jawline and Neck Repositioning Wayne R. Perron, MD, FRCS(C) (Canada) Facial Rhytidectomy – A New Application of SMAS Redraping for Improved Results Henry Delmar, MD, FACS (France) DualPlane Facelift Jorge Bins Ely, MD, MSc, PhD (Brazil) Facelifting Alejandro Duarte y Sanchez, MD (Mexico) Sequels in Rhytidectomy Room B 8:00 – 10:00 am Session 21: Breast – Mastopexy/Reduction I Moderators: Daniel C. Mills, MD, FACS (USA) & Paul Anthony Harris, MD (UK) 8:00 am Alaa A. Gheita, MD (Egypt) Mammoplasty: The Universal Superior Pedicle Flap for Massive Hypertrophy, Ptosis and Asymmetric Breasts 8:10 am Paul Anthony Harris, MD (United Kingdom) Optimising Outcomes in Mastopexy Augmentation Using the Minus/Plus Concept Dana Mihaela Jianu, MD, PhD (Romania) One Key to Fit More Locks: Breast Pexies and Reductions with Central Inferior Pedicle with Popescu`s Technique Bouraoui Kotti, MD, PhD (Tunisia) The Ptotic Breast :A Simple Classification and Algorithm for Achieving Natural Results – 20 to Better 30 mn Bertrand Lacotte, MD (Saint Barthelemy) The Conical Concept in Breast Surgery Paulo Roberto de A. Leal, MD (Brazil) Breast Reduction and Pexy Reha Yavuzer, MD (Turkey) Three Questions for Composite Breast Augmenation – Why, When, Where? Marcelo R. Cheffe, MD (Brazil) Augmentation Mastopexy Using Dual Plane Technique Alexandre Piassi Passos, MD (Brazil) Reduction Mastoplasty Using Breast Implant to Improve Upper Pole Carlos Alberto Komatsu, MD (Brazil) Mastopexy with Implants: A Safe Technique Daniel C. Mills, MD, FACS (USA) Galaflex or Tissue Support for Capsular Contracture and Mastopexy 8:10 am 8:20 am 8:20 am 8:30 am 8:40 am 8:50 am 9:00 am 9:10 am 8:30 am 8:40 am 8:50 am 9:00 am 9:10 am 9:20 am 9:20 am 9:30 am 9:40 am 9:50 am 9:30 am 9:40 am Discussion 10:00 – 10:30 am Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall Discussion 10:00 – 10:30 am Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER FOR THE BEACH PARTY ON SATURDAY EVENING FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 19 Room A 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Session 6: Facelift II Moderators: Daniel Baker, MD (USA) & Timothy J. Marten, MD, FACS (USA) 10:30 am Jacques J. N. M. Van Der Meulen, MD, PhD (Netherlands) The Enbloc Facelift: Reducing Downtime to a Minimum 10:40 am T. Gerald O’Daniel, MD (USA) Using the Endoscope to Teach Deep Central Neck Surgery 10:50 am Sherrell J. Aston, MD, FACS (USA) Anatomical Basis for Various Platysma Techniques 11:00 am Harry Mittelman, MD (USA) The Difficult Task of Dealing with the Difficult Lower Neck 11:10 am Ithamar Nogueira Stocchero, MD (Brazil) Treatment of the Neck associated to the Roundblock SMAS Suspension 11:20 am Claude Le Louarn, MD (France) Hyoid-Platysmal Fixation Neck Lift: A Functional and Efficient New Technique of Neck Lift 11:30 am Antonio Carmo Graziosi, MD (Brazil) Neck Lift 11:40 am Juan Carlos Fuentes, MD (Mexico) Evaluation of the Face and Neck Lift Results 11:50 am Bernard Cornette De Saint-Cyr, MD (France) The Hybrid Facelift Discussion 11:30 am – 1:00 pm 12:00 – 1:30 pm 1:30 – 2:00 pm Past Presidents Luncheon – Lowes Hotel Lunch – Exhibit Hall OHMORI Lecture – Room A Speaker: Luis O. Vasconez, MD (USA) Room B 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Session 22: Breast – Mastopexy/Reduction & Reconstruction Moderators: Ruth M. Graf, MD, PhD (Brazil) & Mark Clemens, MD (USA) 10:30 am Farid Hakme, MD (Brazil) Augmentation Mammoplasty: Concepts 10:40 am Cemal Tg Senyuva, MD (Turkey) In the Pursuit of Long Term Upper Pole Fullness in Mastopexy and Breast Reduction 10:50 am Walter Servi, MD (Argentina) Mastopexy and Change of Implants 11:00 am Seth Ray Thaller, MD (USA) Breast Reduction 11:10 am Lan Mu, MD, PhD (China) Aesthetic Breast Reconstruction in China 11:20 am Fernando Magallanes-Negrete, MD (Mexico) Failed Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction: Alternatives for a Secundary Aesthetic Reconstruction 11:30 am Carlos de Souza Toledo Jr., MD (Brazil) Total Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy with Autologous Fat Grafting 11:40 am Klaus Ueberreiter, MD (Germany) No More T scars. Predictable Breast Reduction 11:50 am Per Heden, MD, PhD (Sweden) How to Safely Plan and Perform a Predictabel Mastopexy Augmentations Discussion 12:00 – 1:30 pm 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch Seminar – Polytech Health – Room B Lunch – Exhibit Hall 2:00 – 3:00 pm Session 7: Facelift III Moderators: Mark Jewell, MD (USA) & Sherrell Aston, MD (USA) 2:00 pm Jorge Herrera, MD (Argentina) Improving the Lid-Cheek Junction 2:10 pm Catherine Bergeret-Galley, MD (France) When Do We Need to Add Fat During Our Face Lifts 2:20 pm Neil Gordon, MD (USA) Deep-Plane Rhytidectomy: Technical Modifications, Nuances and Observations from a 23 Year Experience 2:30 pm 2:40 pm 2:50 pm Pierre Quinodoz, MD (Switzerland) When Should We Stop the Injections and Start Thinking Face Lift Jung Hak Yang, MD (South Korea) Surgical Facial Rejuvenation for the North East Asians Tomaz Nassif, MD (Brazil) The “No Touch” Sideburns Rejuvenation Surgery 2:00 – 3:00 pm Session 23: Abdominoplasty I Moderators: Marcos Harel, MD (Israel) & Joseph P. Hunstad, MD, FACS (USA) 2:00 pm Gustavo Gualberto Abrile, MD (Argentina) Circumferential Abdominoplasty, No Pos Bariatric 2:10 pm Maria Isabel Cadena Rios, MD, PhD (Colombia) Flanks Relevance in Abdominoplasty 2:20 pm Antonio Manuel Costa-Ferreira, MD, PhD (Portugal) Abdominoplasty with Scarpa Fascia Preservation – Reasons for Changing the Plane of Dissection Joao Erfon A. Ramos, MD (Brazil) Lipoabdominoplasty with Minimal Undermining Rolf Gemperli, MD (Brazil) Atypical Abdominoplasties Eduardo Gongora, MD (Mexico) Circular Abdominoplasty: How to Improve the Results 2:30 pm 2:40 pm 2:50 pm Discussion Discussion YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THESE PANELS ON SUNDAY MORNING: OSAPS Panel: Aesthetic Surgery in Asia; Facial, Breast & Body Sessions; Gluteal Augmentation Panel & Cybersecurity Panel 20 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 3:00 – 3:30 pm Room A Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 3:00 – 3:30 pm Room B Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 3:30 – 5:00 pm Session 8: Endoscopic Facial Surgery Moderators: Luis Vasconez, MD (USA) & Farid Hakme, MD (Brazil) 3:30 pm Grady Bruce Core, MD, FACS (USA) The Evolution of Endoscopic Facial Rejuvenation Surgery 3:40 pm Carlos Casagrande, MD (Brazil) Endoscopic Surgery and Other Procedures in Facial Rejuvenation 3:50 pm Yong Kyu Kim, MD (South Korea) Endoscopic Forehead Lift with Malarplasty for Facial Contouring and Rejuvenation 4:00 pm Ana Zulmira Diniz Badin, MD (Brazil) Twenty Years’ Experience in Mid Face Endoscopic Surgery 4:10 pm Chia Chi Kao, MD (USA) Ponytail Lift: 16 Year Experience with Endoscopic Multi-Modality Facial Rejuvenation 4:20 pm Chien-Tzung Chen, MD (Chinese Taipei) Endoscope Assisted Temporal Contouring 4:30 pm Giuliano Borille, MD (Brazil) Endoscopic Browlift and Brow Reshaping 4:40 pm Jung Wu, MD (Chinese Taipei) Endoscopic Midface Lifts in Asians Discussion 3:30 – 5:00 pm Session 24: Abdominoplasty II Moderators: Ricardo Ribeiro, MD (Brazil) & Hussein Saber Abulhassan, MD (Egypt) 3:30 pm Wilson Novaes Matos Jr., MD (Brazil) Lipoabdominoplasty and Refinements Body Contour 3:40 pm Antonio Aldo Mottura, MD, PhD (Argentina) Abdominoplasty: Horizontal Plication. Indications-Advantages 3:50 pm Tim Papadopoulos, MD (Australia) A Critical Look at Functional Abdominoplasty 4:00 pm Ronaldo Pontes, MD (Brazil) Abdominoplasty with Block Resection – Simplifies and Facilitates Associated Surgeries 4:10 pm Pedro Vidal, MD, MSc, MS, FRCS (Engl) (Chile) How to Obtain the Most Beautiful Lipo-Abdominoplasty Results in 98% of Cases 4:20 pm Benjamin Meilik, MD (Israel) Combining Abdominal Wall Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery, is it Possible? 4:30 pm Alastair Taylor, MD (Australia) Zones of Adhesion of the Abdomen: Implications for Abdominoplasty 4:40 pm Yoram Wolf, MD (Israel) Management Guidelines for the Complicated Aesthetic Abdominoplasty Patient 4:50 pm Jose Carlos Santos Parreira, MD (Portugal) Lipoabdominoplasty, Combined with SAFE Lipo Discussion 5:00 – 6:00 pm MC9 – Body Contouring Surgery in the MWL Patient MASTER CLASSES MC12 – How to Maximize Profit in an Aesthetic Practice MC13 – Strategies for Marketing & Branding Your Aesthetic Practice MC14 – Successful MediSpas Al Aly, MD (UAE) Jason Pozner, MD, FACS (USA) & Renato Saltz, MD (USA) Julie Guest (USA) Laurie A. Casas, MD, FACS (USA) Susan Van Dyke, MD (USA) Joel Schlesinger, MD (USA) MC10 – Hair Transplantation Jeff Epstein, MD (USA) MC15 – Non-Surgical Devices that Work for Me MC16 – Injectables that Work for Me MC11 – Vaginal Rejuvenation Jennifer L. Walden, MD, FACS (USA) & Christine Hamori, MD (USA) 7:00 – 11:00 pm Faculty Dinner (By Invitation) – Lowes Ballroom BRING YOUR STAFF AND INCREASE YOUR PRACTICE PRODUCTIVITY. Attend the ISAPS Business School and ISAPS Skin & Non-Surgical Sessions and Learn from World Business Experts FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 21 Room C ISAPS Business School 8:00 am – 10:00 am Website & Digital Marketing Demystified 8:00 am 8:30 am 8:45 am 9:00 am Chad Erickson (USA) Is Google Paid Search Right for my Practice? Catherine Maley, MBA (USA) Manage with Metrics: An Easy Way to Look at Your Numbers Michael Salzhauer, MD (USA) The Most Important Marketing Lesson Amy Boyer (USA) Easy Ways to Maximize Your Internet Leads & Convert Them to Patients Chad Erickson (USA) Best Practices for a High Converting Website Samuel Peek (USA) SEO Demystified – Puncturing Google’s Confounding Algorithm Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 9:15 am 9:45 am F R E E PA P E R SESSIONS 8:00 – 10:00 am Sessions 17, 21, 25, 29 10:00 – 10:30 am Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Sessions 18, 22, 26, 30 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch – Exhibit Hall 2:00 – 3:00 pm Sessions 19, 23, 27, 31 3:00 – 3:30 pm Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 3:30 – 5:00 pm Sessions 20, 24, 28, 32 10:00 – 10:30 am 10:30 am – 11:30 am Website Makeover Panel Moderators: Tim Papadopoulos, MD (Australia) & Chad Erickson (USA) Panelists: Rosy Zion (USA), Samuel Peek (USA), Catherine Maley, MBA (USA), Patricia Sorrentino (Brazil), Sheila Nazarian, MD (USA), Logan Pence (USA), Robert Baxter (USA) 11:30 am – 12:00 pm Lifestyle Design 11:30 am Tim Papadopoulos, MD (Australia) How Plastic Surgeons Can Succeed at Work Without Blowing Up Their Lives Lunch – Exhibit Hall 12:00 – 1:30 pm 1:30 – 5:00 pm Social Media Mastery 1:30 pm 1:45 pm Samuel Peek (USA) DIY Social Media – How to Create Ads that Work Wendy Lewis (USA) Six Ways to Showcase Your Clinic Brand Through Social Media Channels Sheila Nazarian, MD (USA) Social Media Case Study: The Skin Spot Beverly Hills Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall Patricia Sorrentino (Brazil) Neuromarketing: What You Need to Know Before Doing Your Digital Marketing Logan Pence (USA) 5 Ways to Build an Online Reputation Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD (Greece) How We’ve Used the Internet and Social Media to Grow Our Practice Johan Andersson (Motiva) (Sweden) The Edge in Social Media (Trends and Future of Social Media Marketing) Rosy Zion (USA) It’s a Yelper’s World, We Just Live in it 2:00 pm 3:00 – 3:30 pm 3:30 pm 3:45 pm 4:00 pm 4:30 pm 4:45 pm 22 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER Room D-1 8:00 – 10:00 am Free Paper Session 17: Breast Surgery 8:00 am 8:08 am 8:16 am 8:24 am 8:32 am 8:40 am 8:48 am 8:56 am 9:04 am 9:12 am 9:20 am 9:28 am 9:36 am 9:44 am Discussion Jesus Benito-Ruiz, PhD (Spain) Variations of Breast Volume and Tissue Thickness After Breast Augmentation: Ultrasound and 3D Assesment Joao Sobral Filho, MD (Brazil) Augmentation Breast Mastopexy Fernanda Scala, MD (Brazil) Long-Term Solutions for Ptotic Breasts Using Autologous Breast Tissue David Lumenta, MD, PhD (Austria) Role of Antibiotics in Capsular Contracture Franck Duteille, MD (France) Ten-Year Safety Data for Eurosilicone’s Round and Anatomical Silicone Gel Breast Implants (About 995 Implants) Yoav Barnavon, MD (USA) Breast Upper Pole Autologous Augmentation with Poly-4-Hydroxybutyrate (P4HB) Mesh Fixation Salma Ben Cheikh Kotti, MD (Tunisia) “The Chignon Mastopexy”: A Double Glandular Suspended Flaps for an Auto-Augmentation Effect Eran Hadad, MD (Israel) Submuscular Pocket Selection of Breast Silicone Implants Increase Rupture Rate Nargiz Seyidova, MD (United Kingdom) Comparison of Patient’s Satisfaction After Nipple Reconstruction and Tattooing vs. Nipple Areolar Reconstruction and Tattooing Stefanos Boukovalas, MD (USA) Reduction Mammaplasty Insurance Coverage and Reimbursement Guidelines Across the World: A Systematic Review Beatriz Nicaretta, MD, MSc (Greece) Hybrid Breast Augmentation: An Analysis of 325 Consecutive Cases Shana Kalaria, MD (USA) Iatrogenic Symmastia- Etiology, Incidence, and Repair Wernerr Beekman, MD, PhD (Netherlands) The Arc: A New Perspective on Breast Augmentation Planning Yuri Macrino, MD (Italy) Complications in Aesthetic Breast Surgery: 10 Years Personal Records Review on 957 Procedures and Some Dramatic Case Presentation Room D-2 8:00 – 10:00 am Free Paper Session 21: Body Contouring 8:00 am 8:08 am 8:16 am 8:24 am 8:32 am 8:40 am 8:48 am 8:56 am 9:04 am 9:12 am 9:20 am 9:28 am 9:36 am Discussion Valerie Monpellier, MD, PhD (Netherlands) Body-Q ­ Part of the Dutch Reboc Tool Mourad Zinelabidine, MD (Tunisia) Intramuscular Gluteal Augmentation: What About Long Term Results? Thanasis Athanasiou, MD, PhD (Greece) 4D Vaser Hi-Def Lipo a Journey from the Past to the Future Emiel van Haren, MD (Netherlands) How We Developed the Body-Q: A Patient-Reported Outcome Instrument for Weight Loss and Body Contouring Hossein Abdali, MD (Iran) Relationship Between Intratracheal Pressure and Abdominal Wall Pressure in Abdominoplasty Charles Jehle, MD (USA) Postpartum Abdominoplasty: Addressing the Problem of Central Abdominal Soft Tissue Atrophy from Umbilical Hernia Claudio Bernardi, MD (Italy) The Aesthetic Value of the Navel in Abdominoplasty: 4 Technical Details for a Natural Look Alexander Dionyssopoulos, MD, PhD (United Arab Emirates) Frostbite?! Of the Hypogastric Area of the Abdomen Rodrigo Neira, MD (Canada) Abdominal Panniculectomy and Fasciocutaneous Flap Technique for High BMI Patients and Post-Bariatric Surgery Claire de Vries, MD (Netherlands) Body-Q: The Body-Q is the Best Patient-Reported Outcome Measure for Body Contouring Surgery Volker Rippmann, MD (Germany) Gluteal Fat Transplantation Gone Wrong. Early Detection and Treatment of Fat Embolism and Fat Embolism Syndrome ­ What Every Plastic Surgeon Needs to Know! Sonia Pandey, Mch (Namibia) Peripherally De Epithelialised Umbilicoplasty Technique for Standard Abdominoplasty Riley Dean, BS (USA) Hip Asymmetry: Implications in Body Contouring Surgery 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Free Paper Session 18: Rhinoplasty 10:30 am 10:38 am 10:46 am 10:54 am 11:02 am 11:10 am 11:18 am 11:26 am 11:34 am 11:42 am Discussion Sabir Mustafa, MD (Iraq) A New Intranasal (Intercrural) Approach for Excision of Hyperactive Depressor Septi Nasi Muscle Daniel Wong, BA (USA) Rhinoplasty Interest Around the World: An Analysis of Google User Data Yang An, MD (China) A Novel Technique for Short Nose Correction in Asians: Septal Cartilage Combined with Ethmoid Bone Graft Enrina D. Nurmeirini, MD (Indonesia) Rhinoplasty: What to do with Cartilage? Experiences in Deutero-Malay Nose Alfredo Borriello, MD (Italy) Five “Key” Graft in Secondary Rhinoplasty Kapil Agrawal, MCh (India) Counterbalancing and DCUP: Overcoming Warping in Costal Cartilage and Producing an Ideal Dorsal Strut Martin Haug, MD (Switzerland) Cartilage Tissue Engineering ­ State of the Art and How We May Apply this Technique in Rhinosurgery in the Future Jorge Hidalgo, MD (Peru) Nasal Tip Projection with a Septo – Collumelar Permanent Suture: Simple, Fast and Effective Hasan Celik, MD (Turkey) Aesthetic Rhinoplasty Techniques for a Frontonasal Dysplasia Deformity Zugen Huang, MD (China) HAI Lift (Poly-L-Lactic Acid Acetic Acid) Assisted Nasal Septal Cartilage and Auricular Cartilage in Rhinoplasty Surgery. 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Free Paper Session 18: Rhinoplasty 10:30 am 10:38 am 10:46 am 10:54 am 11:02 am 11:10 am 11:18 am 11:26 am 11:34 am 11:42 am Discussion Thiago Hayashi, MD (Brazil) Complications of 9 Patientss After Gluteal Augmentation Toshihiko Satake, MD, PhD (Japan) Dual-Pedicle Unaffected Split Breast Flap for Unilateral Breast Reconstruction with Contralateral Reduction Mammoplasty Lazaro Cardenas-Camarena, MD (Mexico) Micro (MIFE) And Macro (MAFE) Fat Embolism: The Critical Difference Must Know Lisa van den Berg, MD (Netherlands) Body Contouring Surgery; The Key to a Better Weight Maintenance? Maarten Hoogbegen, PhD (Netherlands) Body-Q: Significant Better Health Related Quality of Life 1 Year After Abdominoplasty Paulo Godoy, MD (Brazil) Intramuscular Gluteal Augmentation with Implants Associated with Immediate Fat Grafting Augusto Camara Valente, MD (Brazil) Treatment of Back Rolls: A Novel Technique Miluska Bromley, MD, MSC (Brazil) Progressive Tension Sutures in Abdominoplasty: How Many are Enough? Jorge Valentini, MD (Brazil) A Simple Technique for Umbilicus Recontruction with Minimal Scarring: Eight Years of Experience Dennis Hurwitz, MD (USA) Lipoabdominoplasty and Oblique Flankplasty: An Alternative to Fleur De Lys Abdominoplasty and Lower Body Lift 23 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER Room D-3 8:00 – 10:00 am Free Paper Session 25: Face Rejuvenation 8:00 am 8:08 am 8:16 am 8:24 am 8:32 am 8:40 am 8:48 am 8:56 am 9:04 am 9:12 am 9:20 am 9:28 am 9:44 am Discussion Sheila Rohatgi, MCh, MS,MBBS (India) Facial Rejuvenation Techniques in the Indian Scenario Guilherme Pintarelli, MD (Brazil) Nano and Microfat Graft Combined to Facelift Surgery Elena Martin, MD (Romania) Buccal Fat Pad Removal in Face Rejuvenation Erdem Tezel, MD (Turkey) Combined Scarless Approach for Aesthetic Facial Surgery Bailin Pan, MD (China) Upper-Lip Lift with a “T” Shaped Resection of the Orbicularis Oris Muscle for Asian Perioral Rejuvenation: A Report of 84 Cases Alvaro Daher, MD (Brazil) The Central Area of the Face ­ Post Primary Rhytidoplasty in the Last 5 Years in Ivo Pitanguy Institute Volodymyr Shapovaliuk, MD, PhD (Ukraine) Endoscopic Frontotemporal Lifting ­ Key-Points to Better Upper Tissue Movement and «Oriental Look» Tim Neavin, MD (USA) Eyebrow Recreation and Enhancement with Hair Luigi Canta, MD, PhD (Italy) Composite Endo Midface Lifting Elizabeth Weissler, MD (USA) Perceived Facial Aging: The Role of Ages (Advanced Glycosylation Endproducts) Yin Liu, PhD (China) Novel Facial Rejuvenation Surgery Combining Orbital Phrenic Fat Release and Midface Lift in Chinese Patients Kirdar Guney, MD (Turkey) The Efficacy of Vibration Anesthesia on Reducing Pain Levels During Lip Augmentation Atul Parashar, MBBS,MS,MCh (India) Endoscopic Brow Lift in Unilateral Facial Palsy Room D-4 8:00 – 10:00 am Free Paper Session 29: General 8:00 am 8:08 am 8:16 am 8:24 am 8:32 am 8:40 am 8:48 am 8:56 am 9:04 am 9:12 am 9:20 am 9:28 am 9:36 am 9:44 am Discussion 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Free Paper Session 26: Fat Transfer 10:30 am 10:38 am 10:46 am 10:54 am 11:02 am 11:10 am 11:18 am 11:26 am 11:34 am 11:42 am Discussion Sergii Kadochnikov, MD, PhD (Ukraine) From Lipofilling to Bioimplanting Gorana Kuka Epstein, MD (Serbia) Transplantation of Cell Enriched Adipose Tissue for Follicular Niche Stimulation in Early Androgenetic Alopecia: A Randomized, Blinded, Controlled Trial Domenico De Fazio, MD (Italy) Combined Mastopexy and Augmentation with Autologous Fat Grafting: First Results with Lipopexy Andre Cervantes, MD (Brazil) Assestement of Preferences and Complications Related to Gluteal Fat Graft Among Brazilian Plastic Surgeons Steven Cohen, MD (USA) Making Breasts More Beautiful with Fat Franz Rojas, MD (Brazil) Analysis of the Fat After Liposuction and Processed by Different Methods by Flow Cytometry for Fat Grafting Delia Letizia Hoppe, MD (Germany) Fat Grafting in Paediatric Surgery Andrii Petakh, MD (Ukraine) The Regenerative Possibilities of the Fat Stem Cells. Our Experience Krishna Vyas, MD, PhD, MHS (USA) Profile of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells in Obese and Lean Environments: A Systematic Review Maria Roberta Martins, MD (Brazil) The Use of Micro Fat Graft in the Face and Neck Lift Jaime Anger, MD (Brazil) The Use of Soft Silicone Solid Implant Molded Intraoperatively for Pectus Excavatum Surgical Repair Seong Joo Lee, MD (SouthKorea) New and Economic Device that is Made Easily During Intraoperative Sustained Limited Expansion Marcelo Assis, MD (Brazil) High-Performance Protocol in Otoplasty Marisa Manzano Surroca, MD (Spain) 2 Years Using Earfold System. What Have I Learned? Robert Ersek, MD, FACS (USA) Safer Sedation: No Gases How Vevaket (Versed or Valium and Ketamine) Can Eliminate the Dangerous Complications of General Anesthesia Gases (GAG) Margarita Peneva, MD (Macedonia) Audit of Prominent Ears Correction Using the Chong Chet Anterior Scoring Technique – Our Results Hung Le, PhD, DDS (Vietnam) Evaluation Effect of the Oro-Labial Reduction with Orthognathic Surgery Nguyen Phan Tu Dung, PhD (Vietnam) Surgery First Approach in Orthodontics Fernando C M Amato, MD (Brazil) Quilting Suture and Suction Drain in Patients Undergoing Surgical Treatment of Gynecomastia Cesar Kelly Velez, MD (Brazil) Trans-Surgery Prophylactic Corticotherapy of Cicatricial Hiperplasia. Clinic-Estadistic Prospective Study Saulius Viksraitis, MD (Lithuania) Free Diced Cartilage Grafts for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Purposes Kachin Wattanawong, MD (Thailand) The Efficacy of Skin Cooling for Pain Relief During Intralesional Steroid Injection for Keloid: A Randomized Cross-Over Study Runlei Zhao, MD (China) The Application of Costal Cartilage Harvest by Trans-Areola Approach Yanan Zhao, PhD (China) Construction of a Plasmid Vector Containing Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and C-JUN SHRNA 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Free Paper Session 30: Lasers and Energy Based Devices 10:30 am 10:38 am 10:46 am Christine Petti, MD (USA) Clinical Study to Assess the Sculpsure Laser for the Treatment of Contour Deformities Post-Liposuction Maria Teresa Zambrana Rojas, MD (Bolivia) Laser Blepharoplasty with 980NM Diode Christina Christoforidou, MD (Greece) Bodysculpting with Radiofreequency Assisted Liposuction Discussion 24 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER Room D-1 2:00 – 3:00 pm Free Paper Session 19: Rhinoplasty 2:00 pm 2:08 pm 2:16 pm 2:24 pm 2:32 pm 2:40 pm 2:48 pm Discussion Ori Shulman, MD (Israel) Endonasal Approach for Tip Surgery: Is it Still Relevant in a World of Open Rhinoplasty Rodolfo Lobato, MD (Brazil) Conservative and Piezoeletric-Assisted Rhinoplasty in a Tessier No. 0 Facial Cleft Bifid Nose: Case Report Rene Valerio, MD, MBBS (Philippines) The Novel Approach to Rhinoplasty in Malays Sergey Moshak, MD (Russia) Rejuvenating Rhinoplasty Combined with Venetian Mask-Type Mid-Face Lifting Jens Neumann, MD (Germany) Our Technique to Master the Polly Beak Deformity During Rhinoplasty Bianca Maria Ohana, MD (Brazil) Rhinoplasty – The Challenge of Teaching and Being Always Learning – 50 Cases with My Residents Turkia Abbed, MD (USA) Alar Base Reduction Using Cinch Suture and Nasal Sill Excision Room D-2 2:00 – 3:00 pm Free Paper Session 23: Body Contouring 2:00 pm 2:08 pm 2:16 pm 2:24 pm 2:32 pm 2:40 pm 2:48 pm Juan Sierra, MD (Colombia) Lipoabdominoplasty Refinements in 5 Steps Raphael Wenny, MD (Austria) Lipobodycontouring in the Outpatient Setting – Safety First! Walter Marrou, MD (Brazil) Anchoring Sutures in Maintaining the Position of the Abdominal Scar, A Randomized Clinical Trial Daan Geerards, MD (USA) Body-Q: The Body-Q, Could it be Shorter? Computerized Adaptive Testing of the Body-Q Sergey Turin, MD (USA) In-Vivo Examination of Gluteal Vein Anatomy Marcelo Robles, MD (Argentina) Successfull Buttock Augmentation with Implants Antonio Minuzzi, MD (Brazil) Miniabdominoplasty with Umbilical Floating Discussion 3:30 – 5:00 pm Free Paper Session 20: Breast Surgery 3:30 pm 3:38 pm 3:46 pm 3:54 pm 4:02 pm 4:10 pm 4:18 pm 4:26 pm 4:34 pm 4:42 pm Daniel Kakish, DO (USA) Can Plastic Surgeons Really Tell What Type of Implant a Patient is Wearing? Talee Chang, MD (Chinese Taipei) Secondary Augmentation Mammaplasty: Diagnosis and Management Samira Ajmal, FRCS, FCPS Plast, FCPS (Saudi Arabia) Subglandular vs Subpectoral Implant Placement in Single Stage Augmentation Mastopexy Mohammad Hossein Hesamirostami, MD (Iran) Supero – Septum Pedicles Mammaplasty John Cook, MD (USA) Structural Mastopexy: Surgical Restoration of Breast Form Lubos Drazan, MD, PhD (Czech Republic) Keeping Extra Skin for Future Nipple Areola Reconstruction During Mastectomy-Up Dated Ivo Pestana, MD (USA) The Lateral Breast Flap Sling: A Novel Technique for Revision of Autologous Breast Reconstruction Marco Tulio Cunha, PhD (Brazil) Periareolar Mammaplasty for the Treatment of Massive Gynecomastia with Breast Ptosis Cemal Alper Kemaloglu, MD (Turkey) Comparative Outcomes of Inferior Pedicle and Superomedial Pedicle Technique with Wise Pattern Reduction in Gigantomastic Patients Marina Rosique, MD, PhD (Brazil) How to Select the Ideal Breast Reshaping Technique After Bariatric Massive Weight Loss? 3:30 – 5:00 pm Free Paper Session 24: General 3:30 pm 3:38 pm 3:46 pm 3:54 pm 4:02 pm 4:10 pm 4:18 pm 4:26 pm 4:34 pm 4:42 pm Discussion Discussion Sandip Hindocha, MD (United Kingdom) The Challenges Faced When Setting Up a Plastics Hand Trauma Service in a District General Hospital within the Current NHS Economic Climate in the United Kingdom Erico Consoli, MD (Brazil) Correction of Protruding Ears Christine Deconinck, MD (Belgium) French Translation and Linguistic Validation of a New Patient Reported Outcome Instrument: The Body Q. A Description of the Process. A. J. Farshchian, MD (USA) A Review Article: Neuroregenesis as an Alternative Option for the Treatment of Neurological Diseases Jamal Mohammad, MD, FACS (Kuwait) Skin Tattoos Management With Combined Chemo/Dermabrasion Surgical Technique Vasileios Vasilakis, MD (USA) Evaluating Outcomes in Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prophylaxis: A Comparison of Two Regimens in Abdominal Body Contouring Surgery Rokas Bagdonas, MD (Lithuania) Empiric Research on Patients Point of View: Key Factors in Choosing Plastic Surgery Clinic Venkata Ratnam Bandikatla, MCh (United Arab Emirates) New, Small, Needle Holders: Their Designs & Usage Techniques Ricardo Silveira, MD (Brazil) Photoshop as Tool for Evaluate Abdominoplasty Associated with Liposuction in Female Body Contouring Sunil Choudhary, MS, FRCSEd, EBOPRAS (India) New `Zisis’ (Zigzag-Incision-Suction-Irrigation-System) Technique for Endoscopic Assisted Forehead Tumor Excision FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 25 Room D-3 2:00 – 3:00 pm Free Paper Session 27: Fat Transfer 2:00 pm 2:08 pm 2:16 pm 2:24 pm 2:32 pm 2:40 pm 2:48 pm Discussion Iris Brito, MD (Portugal) Autologous Fat Grafting for Breast Aesthetic Refinement and Oncologic Safety: Is it a Valuable or Risky Tool? Yuan Li, BS (China) Exploring the Effect of Autologous Fat Granules Followed by SplitThickness Skin on a Chronic Wound on Anterior Tibia —- A Case Report Silviu Marinescu, MD, PhD (Romania) Lipofilling – The Final Breast Reconstruction Method After Mammary Carcinoma Sergey Plaksin, MD (Russia) Adipocyte Viability Depending on the Technique of Lipoaspiration and the Area of Fat Intake Carlo Oranges, MD (Switzerland) A Simple, Reliable, and Inexpensive Intraoperative External Expansion System for Enhanced Autologous Structural Fat Grafting Hugo Jativa – Naranjo, MD (Ecuador) Lipofilling (Fat Transfer) After Cryopreservation Stig-Frederik Kolle, MD, PhD (Denmark) Enrichment of Autologous Fat Grafts with Ex Vivo-Expanded Adipose Tissue-Derived Stromal Cells in Cosmetic Breast Augmentation: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Room D-4 2:00 – 3:00 pm Free Paper Session 31: Non-Invasive and Threads 2:00 pm 2:08 pm 2:16 pm 2:24 pm 2:32 pm 2:40 pm 2:48 pm Georgiy Chemyanov, PhD (Russia) Surgical Facial Rejuvenation After a Filament Lift (Thread-Lifting) Ozlem Colak, MD (Turkey) Androgenetic Alopecia: Truth or Myth of Platelet-Rich Plasma Lokesh Kumar, MS, MCh (India) Analysis of Face Lift with Injectables Wen Hsien Ethan Huang, MD (Chinese Taipei) Enhancing Your Rear is Not Rare In China: Creating a Curvy Silhouette with New Needle-Hub Buttock Threading Young Hun Chung, MD (South Korea) Using Multi-Layered Resorbable Implants via Superomedial Sulcus Approach in Medial Orbital Wall Reconstruction Corey Maas, MD (USA) Escalating Doses of Incobotulinumtoxina for Extended Treatment of Glabellar Frown Lines: Safety and Efficacy Results from a Randomized, Double-Blind Study Stefan Hacker, MD (Germany) Pitfalls in the Treatment of Hemifacial Spasm and Facial Synkinesia with Botulinum Toxin Discussion 3:30 – 5:00 pm Free Paper Session 28: Face Rejuvenation 3:30 pm 3:38 pm 3:46 pm 3:54 pm 4:02 pm 4:10 pm 4:18 pm 4:26 pm 4:34 pm 4:42 pm Discussion Alexis Verpaele, PhD (Belgium) An Evidence-Based Protocol for Lip Lifting Zulmar De Vasconcellos, PhD (Brazil) Facial Angioedema on Cervical Lifting Patient: A Case Report Kamol Pansritum, MD (Thailand) Facial Feminization Surgery: Aesthetic Concept and Surgical Technique Ernesto Ruas, MD (USA) The Subperiosteal Midface Lift: A 20-Year Review Alexandre Nunes, MD (Brazil) Closed Lift – The 1.5 Cm Temporal Incision to Complete Midface and Brow Lift Gabriella Grattarola, MD (Uruguay) The Young Mouth Minimally Invasive Technique for Mouth Corner Rejuvenation Elbert Vaca, MD (USA) Identifying Aesthetically Appealing Upper Eyelid Topographic Proportions Irina Khrustaleva, MD, PhD (Russia) Low Bleph: Subq Vs Transconj. Advantaes and Disadvantages. Astrid Ardila Bernal, MD (Brazil) Pilous Density Post Facelift Surgery William Carter, MD (USA) Browlift Options in the Older Patient for Visual Field Amelioration 3:30 – 5:00 pm Free Paper Session 32: Fat Transfer 3:30 pm 3:38 pm 3:46 pm 3:54 pm 4:02 pm 4:10 pm 4:18 pm 4:26 pm 4:34 pm Discussion Nigar Sultanova, PhD (Azerbaijan) The Application of Microlipografting for Correction of the Secondary Posttraumatic Enophtalmos Anadi Begic, MD (Norway) Breast Reconstruction with Autologous Tissue: Microsurgery Vs Brava Fat Grafting ­ Prospective Comparative Study Libor Streit, MD, PhD (Czech Republic) An Innovative Device for High-Volume Fat Grafting Summer Hanson, MD, PhD (USA) A Randomized, Prospective, Time-and-Motion Study Comparing Rate of Processing Techniques in Autologous Fat Grafting in Breast Reconstruction Rafael Lopes, MD (Brazil) Fat Grafting for Correction of Asymmetry in Pectus Excavatum Emma Vartanian, MD (USA) A Crowdsourcing-Based Assessment of Ideal Thigh Aesthetic and Implications for Gluteal Fat Grafting Pedro Pita, MS (Brazil) Treatment of Nasogenian Fold Which Muscle or Fat Graft James Fernau, MD (USA) Gluteal Augmentation with Fat Grafting Using Tissue Liquefaction Liposuction: A New Method for Gluteal Augmentation Rui Lima, MD (Portugal) Our Way to Process Fat Grafting with a Very Low Cost 26 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER SATURDAY 3 NOVEMBER MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 27 7:00 – 8:00 am MC1 – Face Lift MASTER CLASSES MC4 – Rhinoplasty Daniel C. Baker, MD (USA) MC2 – Brow Lift Dean Toriumi, MD (USA) MC5 – Breast Augmentation MC7 – Abdominoplasty Renato Saltz, MD, FACS (USA) & Carlos Casagrande, MD (Brazil) MC3 – Blepharoplasty Luis Fernando Perin, MD, FACS (Brazil) & Laurie A. Casas, MD, FACS (USA) MC6 – Breast Reduction/Mastopexy Ozan Sozer, MD (USA) & Carlos Del Pino Roxo, MD (Brazil) MC8 – Buttock Augmentation Guy Massry, MD (USA) Frank Lista, MD, FRCSC (Canada) Ashkan Ghavami, MD (USA) & Arturo Ramirez-Montanana, MD (Mexico) Room A 8:00 – 10:00 am Session 9: Minimally Invasive I Moderators: Tim Papadopoulos, MD (Australia) & Julius Warren Few, MD (USA) 8:00 am John Martin, MD (USA) Illegal Fillers – Complications and Treatment 8:10 am 8:20 am Jonathan Sykes, MD (USA) Anatomy for Facial Injections Eduardo L. Wexler, MD (Argentina) Strategy for Mid and Lower Face Rejuvenation with Hialuronic Fillers Carlos Uebel, MD, PhD (Brazil) Cellulite: New Surgical Treatment Approach Silvia Del Carmen Espinosa Maceda, MD (Mexico) Facial Fillers Algorithm Jose Luis Haddad Tame, MD (Mexico) Unusual Cases of Injection of Foreign Materials and Their Aesthetic Resolutions Jeffrey Kenkel, MD, FACS (USA) RF Micro-Needle Skin Tightening Luis Macias, MD (USA) Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Javier De Benito, MD (Spain) Lift or Soft Threads on Face Rejuvenation. When and Why Rachel C. Garcia, MD (Brazil) Indirect Treatments – Looking Beyond Wrinkles and Folds Jin Wang Kim, MD, PhD (South Korea) Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Katharina Russe-Wilflingseder, MD (Austria) Laser Tissue Tightening Inside Out or Outside In Room B 8:00 – 10:00 am Session 25: Body Contouring I Moderators: Constantino G. Mendieta, MD, FACS (USA) & Andreas Printzlau, MD (Denmark) 8:00 am 8:10 am 8:20 am 8:30 am 8:40 am 8:50 am Arnaldo Lobo Miro, MD (Brazil) Lipoabdominoplasty with a Previous Flap Resection Hector Cesar Duran Vega, MD (Mexico) Enhancing Women Silhouette, Lipocontour Luiz Haroldo Batista Pereira, MD (Brazil) Composite Body Contouring Maria Wiedner, MD (Germany) Diagnosis and Treatment of Lipedema Gary J. Alter, MD (USA) Treatment of the Buried (Hidden) Penis Onelio Garcia Jr., MD (USA) Current Concepts in Third Generation Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction for Body Contouring Giovanni Betti Kraemer, MD (Mexico) Tridimensional Buttock Remodeling Henry A. Mentz III, MD (USA) Universal Guidelines for Liposuction Integrated into a New Mobile Application Steve Davison, MD (USA) Keller Funnel 2 Sandra Filiciani, MD (Argentina) Aesthetic Female Genitalia (Labia Minora) André L. M. Maranhao, MD (Brazil) The Use of Gluteal Flaps for Male Circumferential Abdominoplasty 8:30 am 8:40 am 8:50 am 9:00 am 9:10 am 9:20 am 9:30 am 9:40 am 9:50 am 9:00 am 9:10 am 9:20 am 9:30 am 9:40 am Discussion 10:00 – 10:30 am Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall Discussion 10:00 – 10:30 am Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 28 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER Room A 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Session 10: Minimally Invasive II Moderators: Jason Pozner, MD, FACS (USA) & Michel Rouif, MD (France) 10:30 am Akiko Imaizumi, MD, PhD (Japan) The “Five Pillars of Facial Aesthetics” Required for a Asian Beautiful Face – The Oval Shaped Treatment to Maximize Beauty (w/ Injection Treatment) 10:40 am Antonio Fuente Del Campo, MD (Mexico) Miniinvasive Facelift by Percutaneous Suspension 10:50 am Daniel Coimbra, MD (Brazil) Treating Facial Paralisis with Hialuronic Acid Fillers 11:00 am Tunc K. Tiryaki, MD (Turkey) Micro-Lifting, A Percutaneous Face Lifting Technique: Myth or Reality? 11:10 am Juarez Moraes Avelar, MD (Brazil) Rhytidoplasty with Minimal Trauma Through Subcutaneous Tunnelization to Improve Results 11:20 am Bernard Mole, MD (France) Compartmentalized Sutures, A Simple Technique to Optimize Efficiency and Safety in Facelifts 11:30 am Ihan Serdaroglu, MD (Turkey) Hair Restoration with FUE Mega Sessions, Beyond the Limits 11:40 am Carlos Alberto Calixto, MD (Brazil) The Advantage of the Folicular Extraction Over Dissection of the Folicular Unit 11:50 am Ricardo Hoogstra, MD (Argentina) HIFU Assisted Blepharoplasty, Minimal Downtime and Scar Less Procedure Discussion 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch – Exhibit Hall 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch Seminar – CoolSculpting 1:30 – 3:00 pm Session 11: Minimally Invasive III Moderators: Barry E. DiBernardo, MD, FACS (USA) & Sanguan Kunaporn, MD (Thailand) 1:30 pm Patricio Centurion, MD (Peru) The One S.T.E.P. Technique Liposculpture (Selective Tissue Engineering Photostimulation) 1:40 pm Thomas Rappl, MD (Austria) Avoiding Complications in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments 1:50 pm Taro Kono, MD (Japan) Laser Treatment of Tattoo 2:00 pm Daniel F. Kalbermatten, MD, PhD (Switzerland) PRP for Facial Rejuvenation 2:10 pm Manoj Khanna, MD (India) Refinements in Hair Transplant -Experience of 5500 Cases in 21 Years 2:20 pm Brian M. Kinney, MD (USA) Temperature Controlled Radio Frequency ­ Adipocytolysis, Soft Tissue Contouring and Tightening of the Face, Body, and Other Tissues 2:30 pm Irina Khrustaleva, MD, PhD (Russia) HA Treatment of Lipoatrophy of the Face; Long-Term Result 2:40 pm Peter Desmond Scott, MD (South Africa) Otoplasty ­ A Systematic Approach 2:50 pm Ivar van Heijningen, MD (Belgium) Earfold: A New, Fast, Minimal Invasive Otoplasty Technique Discussion SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER Room B 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Session 26: Body Contouring II Moderators: Jeff Kenkel, MD, FACS (USA) & Onelio Garcia Jr., MD (USA) 10:30 am Dan Mon O’Dey, MD, PhD (Germany) Functional and Aesthetic Reconstruction of the Outer Female Genital Following Ritual Mutilation (FGM) and Other Acquired Deformities 10:40 am Gisela Hobson Pontes, MD (Brazil) 25 Years of Safety Gluteal Fat Grafting Application 10:50 am Aris Sterodimas, MD (Greece) Composite Body ContouringTM: Abdominoplasty with Full Circumferential Liposuction and Fat Grafting Assisted by SELTM 11:00 am Insuck Suh, MD, PhD (South Korea) Various Method of Calf Contouring: Calf Reduction with Selective Neurectomy of Calf Muscles, Liposuction and Calf Augmentation with Silicone Implant 11:10 am Carlos Del Pino Roxo, MD (Brazil) How to Choose the Best Approach in Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery 11:20 am Tali Friedman, MD, MHA (Israel) The Impact of Number of Body Contoured Areas on Long-Term Weight Maintenance: A Retrospective Cohort Study 11:30 am Peter M. Vogt, MD, PhD (Germany) A Simplified Algorithm for Shaping the Male Breast 11:40 am Igor A. Niechajev, MD, PhD, DSc (Sweden) Calf Augmantetion and Reconstruction 11:50 am Marcela Elba Yepez Intriago, MD, SSC-PLAST (Ecuador) Shaping the Ecuadorian Buttock Discussion 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch – Exhibit Hall 1:30 – 3:00 pm Session 27: Special Topics Moderators: Felmont F. Eaves III, MD, FACS (USA) & Li Yu, MD, PhD (China) 1:30 pm H. P. Jeroen Stevens, MD, PhD (Netherlands) The Fractionation of Adipose Tissue to Obtain Stromal Vascular Fraction for Regenerative Purposes 1:40 pm Lydia Masako Ferreira, MD, PhD (Brazil) Quality of Life and Plastic Surgery 1:50 pm William G. Austen, MD (USA) Invention in Plastic Surgery 2:00 pm Felmont F. Eaves III, MD, FACS (USA) Innovation: Taking Your Idea of a Medical Device to Market 2:10 pm Marco Aurelio Faria Correa, MD (Singapore) Robotics in Plastic Surgery 2:20 pm Joachim Graf von Finckenstein, MD (Germany) Human Design: Is Beauty Determined in Our Genes? (More Philosophical Aspect of What We Find to be Beautiful) 2:30 pm Ernst-Magnus Noah, MD (Germany) Resident Education in Aesthetic Surgery: The Kassel Model 2:40 pm Petter Frode Amland, MD, PhD (Norway) Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Norway in Comparison with the US 2:50 pm Lucian Ion, FRCS (Plast) (United Kingdom) 3D Imaging in Facial Surgery Discussion 29 3:00 – 3:30 pm Room A Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 3:00 – 3:30 pm Room B Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 3:30 – 5:00 pm Session 12: Fat Grafting and Stem Cells Moderators: Bertha Torres Gomez, MD (Mexico) & Abel M. Chajchir, MD (Argentina) 3:30 pm Lee L. Q. Pu, MD, PhD (USA) What Do We Know Now About Fat Grafting? 3:40 pm Abel M. Chajchir, MD (Argentina) Fat Graft 33 Years Experience 3:50 pm Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff, MD, FEBOPRAS, FMH (Switzerland) Update on Stem Cells – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 4:00 pm Ewa Anna Siolo, MD, FRCSC, FC Plast, Mmed (South Africa) Fat Transfer to Face 4:10 pm Luiz Sergio Toledo, MD (UAE) Augmentation in Facelift 4:20 pm Bertha Torres Gomez, MD (Mexico) Multiplanar Approach in Facial Fat Grafting 4:30 pm Su-Ben Tsao, MD (Chinese Taipei) Microdermal Grafting for White Scar 4:40 pm Oscar M. Ramirez, MD (USA) Super-Rich Stem Cell Fat Grafting Procured by a Novel Laser Technology: A Paradigm Shift in Aesthetic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine 4:50 pm Ramon Llull, MD, PhD (Spain) Tissular, Cellular and Subcellular Elements in Regenerative Surgery Discussion 3:30 – 5:00 pm Session 28: Patient Safety Moderators: Robert Singer, MD, FACS (USA) & Foad Nahai, MD, FACS (USA) 3:30 pm Robert Singer, MD, FACS (USA) Patient Service and Crisis Control 3:40 pm Alberto Arguello Choiseul, MD (Costa Rica) Patient Safety in the OR 3:50 pm Paul Nassif, MD (USA) Pre and Postoperative Management of the Difficult, Unrealistic Patient 4:00 pm Herve F. Gentile, MD (USA) Why You Should Have Your Own in Office Surgery Suite? 4:10 pm Nigel Mercer, MD, FRCS (United Kingdom) Aesthetic Surgery Credentialing – New Regulation in the United Kingdom 4:20 pm Claude Oppikofer, MD (Switzerland) The Importance of Human Factors for Patient Safety 4:30 pm J. Peter Rubin, MD, FACS (USA) Update on Gluteal Fat Injection Task Force 4:40 pm Ozan Sozer, MD (USA) Update on ISAPS Global Accreditation 4:50 pm Discussion Ivar Van Heijningen, MD (Belgium) Update on ISAPS Global Accreditation 5:00 – 6:00 pm MC9 – Body Contouring Surgery in the MWL Patient MASTER CLASSES MC12 – How to Maximize Profit in an Aesthetic Practice MC14 – Successful MediSpas Jean-Francois Pascal, MD (France) Jack Fisher, MD (USA) Robert Singer, MD, FACS (USA) Dana Fox (USA) Keith Marcus, MD (USA) MC10 – Hair Transplantation MC11 – Vaginal Rejuvenation MC13 – Strategies for Marketing & Branding Your Aesthetic Practice MC15 – Non-Surgical Devices that Work for Me Steven Dayan, MD (USA) Khalil Khatri, MD (USA) 7:00 – 12:00 am MC16 – Injectables that Work for Me Claudio L. De Lorenzi, MD (Canada) Beach Party Attend Lunchtime Seminars, Industry Cocktails and Dinners Offered by our Sponsors and Our Own Welcome Reception on Thursday not to Mention Our Fabulous Beach Party on Saturday Night 30 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 8:00 am – 2:30 pm Clinic Operations & Management 8:00 am Melissa Kang (USA) Metrics Tracking for the Profitable Practice – Which to Track? 8:15 am Kristen Flaharty, PharmD (USA) How to Decide Which Non-Surgical Equipment is a Smart Investment: Things You Wish You Knew First 8:30 am Debra Phairas (USA) Managing Difficult Employees and Reducing Conflict in the Workplace 9:00 am Al Perez (USA) Nine Critical IT Security Protections EVERY Business Must Have in Place NOW 9:15 am Jay Shorr (USA) Preventing Employee Theft in Your Office 9:30 am Alastair Taylor, MD & Cheryl Taylor (Australia) Till Death Do We Part: The Secrets of Making a Husband/Wife Business Partnership Flourish and Become Highly Profitable 9:45 am Melissa Kang (USA) Patient Reviews: Love It or Hate It, but They are Here to Stay. How You Can Take Control 10:00 – 10:30 am Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 10:30 am Jennifer Walden, MD, FACS (USA) Building a High Performance Team 10:45 am Catherine Maley, MBA (USA) How to Hold Staff Accountable in a Motivating Way 11:00 am Ivar van Heijningen, MD (Belgium) Medical Tourism and Accreditation 11:30 am Amy Boyer (USA) Improve Your Ability to Hire Super Star Staff 11:45 am Juan José Chacón Quiros (Motiva) Value, Price and Profit in Breast Aesthetics 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch – Exhibit Hall 1:30 pm Debra Phairas (USA) Valuing Your Practice: Buying, Selling or Transitioning 2:00 pm Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD (Greece) The Power of NO – How and When to Say No to a Patient 2:15 pm Jay Shorr & Mara Shorr (USA) Headache Patients- Successful Strategies for Identifying Them Ahead of Time 2:30 pm Patricia Sorrentino (Brazil) Consumer Experience: Why does One Patient Choose to go to Your Practice Over Another? 2:45 pm Bianca Saltz (USA) The DATA Driven Medical Practice – How to Use a Dashboard to Make Intelligent Business Decisions at a Glance 3:00 – 3:30 pm Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 3:30 pm Mary Jewell (USA) The Management Strategy to Increase Operational Effectiveness in Your Aesthetic Practice 3:45 pm Robert Baxter (USA) How to Make Bad Reviews Go Away the Ethical Way 4:00 – 5:00 pm Panel: Live Practice Marketing Makeovers Moderator: Julie Guest (USA) Panelists: Chad Erickson (USA), Patricia Sorrentino (Brazil), Catherine Maley (USA), Jerry O’Daniel, MD (USA), Jennifer Walden, MD, FACS (USA), Juan José Chacón Quiros (Motiva), Robert Baxter (USA) Room C ISAPS Business School Room D 8:00 – 10:00 am Session 32: Asian Facial Surgery I Moderators: Lee Pu, MD, PhD (USA) & Susumu Takayanagi, MD, PhD (Japan) 8:00 am Wei Xia, MD (China) Thread Lifts for Facial Rejuvenation 8:10 am Haiyan Cui,MD (China) Injectables for Facial Rejuvenation and Contouring 8:20 am Lan Mu, MD, PhD (China) Botox Injections for Facial Rejuvenation and Contouring 8:30 am Theddeus O. H. Prasetyono, MD (Indonesia) Natural Oriental Blephaplasty 8:40 am Shengkang Luo, MD (China) Management of Filler Related Complications 8:50 am Kai Liu, MD (China) Management of Filler Related Complications 9:00 am Daping Yang, MD (China) Face Lift in Asians 9:10 am Tsai-Ming Lin, MD (Chinese Taipei) Periorbital Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting in Asians 9:20 am Cheng-Jen Chang, MD (Chinese Taipei) Management of Filler Related Complications 9:30 am Yukio Shirakabe, MD (Japan) Short-Recovery Face Lift in Asians 9:40 am David S. Kung, MD (USA) Neck Rejuvenation in Asians 9:50 am Eun-Sang Dhong, MD, PhD (South Korea) Septal l-Strut Extension Graft Using Conchas in Medpor® Complications Discussion 10:00 – 10:30 am Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Session 33: Asian Facial Surgery II Moderators: Theddeus O. H. Prasetyono, MD (Indonesia) & Eun-Sang Dhong, MD, PhD (South Korea) 10:30 am Kunihiko Nohira, MD (Japan) CO2 Laser Blepharoplasty ­ Recent Trend and Novel Applications 10:40 am Susumu Takayanagi, MD, PhD (Japan) Secondary Asian Upper Blepharoplasty 10:50 am David DaeHwan Park, MD, PhD, FACS (South Korea) How to Make Symmetry in Upper Blepharoplasty with Unequal Bilateral Ptosis 11:00 am Florencio Quiogue Lucero, MD (Philippines) Asian Blepharoplasty 11:10 am Chang-Chien Yang, MD (Chinese Taipei) Blepharoptosis Repair as a Workhorse in Revision of Asian Upper Blepharoplasty 11:20 am Jesusito Zubiri, MD, FACS (Philippines) Asian Blepharoplasty: Creating the Natural Look That Matches the Asian Ethnic Subgroup 11:30 am Takeshi Nishimura, MD (Japan) Decoding the Eye Beauty (Key for Blepharoplasty) 11:40 am Hiroyuki Ohjimi, MD, PhD (Japan) Blephaloplasty for Oriental Patients Discussion 12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch – Exhibit Hall 31 Room D-1 1:30 – 3:30 pm Free Paper Session 33: Breast Surgery 1:30 pm 1:38 pm 1:46 pm 1:54 pm 2:02 pm 2:10 pm 2:18 pm 2:26 pm 2:34 pm 2:42 pm Discussion F R E E PA P E R SESSIONS 1:30 – 3:00 pm Sessions 33, 35, 37, 39 3:00 – 3:30 pm Coffee Break – Exhibit Hall 3:30 – 5:00 pm Sessions 34, 36, 38, 40 Ha Nguyen, MD (Vietnam) Comparision of Endoscopic Transaxillary and Periareolar Approaches in Breast Augmentation Akash Chandawarkar, MD (USA) Analysis of Patient Market Dynamics for Breast and Body Contouring Using Google Trends Naveen Cavale, BSc(Hons), MBBS, MSc, FRCSEd(Plast) (United Kingdom) Safe, High Quality Breast Augmentation in the UK ­ An Enlarging Market Georg Huemer, MD, MSc, MBA (Austria) The Tit-Procedure: Tissue-Implant Technique in Autoaugmentation Mastopexy Luis Alejandro Vargas Guerrero, MD (Brazil) Successful Treatment of Pyoderma Gangrenosum After Reduction Mamoplasty: A Case Report Özay Özkaya, MD (Turkey) Autologous Breast Reconstruction with Lattissimus Dorsi Flap: Do it Easily with Five Step Formula Steven Davison, MD, DDS (USA) Effect of Keller Funnel Use on the Rate Of Capsular Contracture in Periareolar Breast Jackline Felix da Silva, MD (Brazil) Composite Mesh in Breast Reconstruction Mathew Epps, MS, MD (USA) Breast Pocket Irrigation During Cosmetic Surgery ­ Current Trends in Practice Bruno Alfandari, MD (France) Manage Small Mastopexy without Round Block Technic 3:30 – 5:00 pm Free Paper Session 34: Breast Surgery 3:30 pm 3:38 pm 3:54 pm 4:02 pm 4:10 pm 4:18 pm 4:26 pm 4:34 pm 4:42 pm Pantelis Diamantopoulos, MD (Greece) Immediate Breast Reconstruction Using a Deepitheliazed Flap from the Lower Pole of the Breast Carla Brandão, MD (Portugal) The Impact of Body Mass Index on Early Postoperative Complications Following Bilateral Reduction Mammaplasty Jared Potts, MD (USA) Mycobacterium Abscessus Breast Implant-Related Infection in a Complex Patient Fuad Hashem, MD (Saudi Arabia) Superior Pedicle Mammoplasty: Personal Technique Cleber Santos Junior, MD (Brazil) Male Pectoral Implants: Technique and Complications Leela Mundra, BA (USA) Mastectomy with Immediate Free Flap Reconstruction in the Obese: An Analysis of ACS-NSQIP Database Dimitris Agorogiannis, MD (Greece) Mammoplasty in the Treatment of Gigantomastia and in Balancing the Contralateral Breast in Oncoplastic Mammectomy Oxana Kononets, MD, PhD (Russia) My Experience in Breast Augmentation Michael Marion, MD (USA) Implant Selection in Augmentation Mastopexy Discussion 32 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER Room D-2 1:30 – 3:30 pm Free Paper Session 35: Body Contouring 1:30 pm 1:38 pm 1:46 pm 1:54 pm 2:02 pm 2:10 pm 2:18 pm 2:26 pm 2:34 pm 2:42 pm Dana Khuthaila, MD (USA) Is it Time to Dump the Drain? A Single-Surgeon Experience with Drainless Lipoabdominoplasty Harald Beck, MD (Austria) The Lipobodylift Brannon Claytor, MD (USA) Drainless Abdominoplasty with Concomitant Liposuction: How Sparing Scarpa’s Fascia Enables Drain Free Body Contouring. Irina Marinicheva, MD (Russia) CCL Method in Women Legs Reshaping Francisco Borja, MD, PhD (Ecuador) Buttocks Augmentation without Prosthesis Matthias Weinstock, MD, PhD (Brazil) A Variation of Calia’s Abdominoplasty Technique (1965): Abdominoplasty without Anchor Scar for Post-Bariatric Patients Manuel Chacon, MD (Costa Rica) 3D Breast Augmentation Planning Manuel Maia, MD (Portugal) Upper Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss: A Personal Approach Steve Laverson, MD (USA) Aesthetic Preference for Abdominoplasty Surface Fitness Contours Jakub Opyrchal, MS (Poland) Body-Q: Change in the Perception of Non-Operated Areas After Body Contouring Procedure Room D-3 1:30 – 3:30 pm Free Paper Session 37: General 1:30 pm 1:38 pm 1:46 pm 1:54 pm 2:02 pm 2:10 pm 2:18 pm 2:26 pm 2:34 pm Maximilian Burger, MD (Switzerland) Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) as an Effective Tool for the Treatment of Axillary Hyperhidrosis Johannes Matiasek, MD (Austria) Influence of an Octenidine Based Wound Gel on Postoperative Wound Healing and Scarring After Abdominoplasty Badr Abdulrauf, FRCSC (Saudi Arabia) Medicolegal Issues in Our Field Jason Tuschman, JD/MBA (USA) Roi Driven Patient Acquisition and Retention Claudia Sedano, MD (USA) Hernia Reconstruction in the Massive Weight Loss Patient Between 2006-2016 Fuan Chan, MD, FRCSI(Plast) (Ireland) The Innovative and Minimally Invasive Earfold Implant System (EIS) for Correction of Bilateral Prominent Ears Raphael Rocha, MD (Brazil) Results and Complications in Abdominoplasty: 3 Years Retrospective Review Simone Matousek, MBBS (Hons), PhD, FRACS (Plast) (Australia) An Anatomical Study of the Gluteal Fold and its Relevance in Understanding the Effects of Surgery in the Gluteal Region and Liposuction Danger Zones Natalie Hermann, MD (Germany) Quality of Life: Strandardized Evaluation in Lipoedema Patients After Liposuction Applying Body-Q Discussion Discussion 3:30 – 5:00 pm Free Paper Session 36: Face and Periorbital 3:30 pm 3:38 pm 3:46 pm 3:54 pm 4:02 pm 4:10 pm 4:18 pm 4:26 pm 4:34 pm 3:30 – 5:00 pm Free Paper Session 38 4:42 pm Discussion Cheng-Wei Hsiao, MD (Chinese Taipei) Simultaneous Facelift with Facial Bone Reshaping Mohamed Amir Mrad, MD, FRCSC, MBA, FACS (Saudi Arabia) Facial Skeletal Augmentation with PPE Chin Implants. A Video Presentation Adriane Tartare, MD (Brazil) Use of Myocutaneous Blepharoplasty Flap for the Treatment of Large Upper Xanthelasma Palpebrum Juliano Pereira, MD (Brazil) Trade Marks on Buccal Fat Pad Excision “Bichectomy” Tiago Baptista-Fernandes, MD (Brazil) High SMAS Face and Necklift ­ How and Why Nurliati Sari Handini, MD (Indonesia) A Teolly Triad of Photogrammetric Facial Analysis on Mongoloid Using Mirror Stand Device Jean-Pierre Amsellem, MD (France) Non-Invasive Aesthetic Improvement of the Peri-Orbital Area Teuku Adifitrian, MD (Indonesia) Sub-Septal Fat Repositioning Technique of Lower Blepharoplasty Amer S. Al Mansory, MD (Iraq) Comparative Study Between Local and General Anesthesia in the Management of Sever Blepharoptosis by Use of Straight Needle Threading Technique as Frontalis Suspension Mariano E. Ramil, MD (Argentina) Fat Grafting in Hollow Upper Eyelids and Volumetric Upper Blepharoplasty 1:30 – 3:30 pm Room D-4 Free Paper Session 39: Genital and Transgender 1:30 pm 1:38 pm 1:46 pm 1:54 pm 2:02 pm 2:10 pm Discussion Marcio Littleton, MD (Brazil) Effective Mucosa-Muscularis Autograft: A New Sex Change Technique Osvaldo Pereira, MD (Brazil) Labiaplasty with Inner Thigh Anchoring (Suturing) to Obtain a Precision Resection Alexandra Conde-Green, MD (USA) Assessment of Female Genital Surgery Education in Plastic Surgery Training: Reports of an Expert Opinion Survey Husain AlQattan, MD (USA) Feminizing the Face: Combination of Frontal Bone Reduction and Reduction Rhinoplasty Tamsin A. Burgues, MD (Brazil) Scrotoplasty: An Increasing Trend in Men Who Desire Genital Rejuvenation Herman Y. L. Wihastyoko, MD (Indonesia) Bringing Back Virginity: Is a Taboo or Passionate? 3:30 – 5:00 pm Free Paper Session 40 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 33 SUNDAY 4 NOVEMBER MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 34 Miami Beach Convention Center 7:00 – 8:00 am MC1 – Face Lift Sunday, 4 November MASTER CLASSES MC4 – Rhinoplasty Giovanni Botti, MD (Italy) MC2 – Brow Lift Paul Nassif, MD (USA) MC8 – Buttock Augmentation Raul Gonzalez, MD (Brazil) Gary Alter, MD (USA) MC16 – Injectables that Work for Me Rami K. Batniji, MD, FACS (USA) Bahman Guyuron, MD (USA) MC3 – Blepharoplasty MC6 – Breast Reduction/Mastopexy James Grotting, MD (USA) MC11 – Vaginal Rejuvenation William Mack, MD (USA) MC7 – Abdominoplasty Fabio Xerfan Nahas, MD, PhD, FACS, MBA (Brazil) Room B 8:00 – 9:00 am Session 29: EASAPS Panel European Vision of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Moderators: Ivar Van Heijningen, MD (Belgium) & Jose Carlos Parreira (Portugal) Panelists: Ivar Van Heijningen, MD (Belgium) Birgit Stark, MD, PhD (Sweden) Ernst-Magnus Noah, MD (Germany) Violeta Skorobac Asanin, MD (Serbia) Nigel Mercer, MD, FRCS (United Kingdom) Iris M. Brito, MD (Portugal) 9:00 – 10:30 am Session 30: Rhinoplasty III Moderators: Violeta M. Skorobac Asanin, MD (Serbia) & Adrianna Pozzi, MD (Italy) 9:00 am Ismail Kuran, MD (Turkey) Total Change in Rhinoplasty: Ultrasonic Osteotomies 9:10 am Selahattin Özmen, MD (Turkey) Adressing Bulbous Nasal Tip Deformity by 3 Maneuvers 9:20 am Man Koon Suh, MD (South Korea) How to Overcome the Pitfalls of the Contracted Short Nose Correction 9:30 am Oswaldo Carpes, MD (Brazil) Successful Rhinoplasty – The Balance Between Beauty and Function 9:40 am Violeta M. Skorobac Asanin, MD (Serbia) Stability of the Nose in Secondary Septorhinoplasty 9:50 am Hiroko Yanaga, MD, PhD (Japan) Cell-Engineered Cartilage Grafts in Secondary Rhinoplasty 10:00 am Miguel Goncalves Ferreira, MD (Portugal) Spare Roof Technique: A New Tool for Humpectomy First 200 Patients 10:10 am Angel Papadopulos Escobar, MD (Mexico) Specific Solutions for Complicated Rhinoplasty Sequelae 10:20 am Lokesh Kumar, MD (India) Challenges in Correction of Binder Nasal Deformity Discussion 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Session 31: Vaginal Rejuvenation Panel Moderators: Lina M. Triana, MD (Colombia) & Christine Hamori, MD (USA) Panelists: Frank Lista, MD, FRCSC (Canada) Khalil Khatri, MD (USA) Christine Hamori, MD (USA) Gary J. Alter, MD (USA) Jennifer L. Walden, MD, FACS (USA) Amin Kalaaji, MD, PhD (Norway) Bohumil Zalesak, MD, PhD (Czech Republic) Jamal A. Habiballah Jomah, FRCSC, FRCSEd, ABHRS, FACS (UAE) Yhelda A. Felicio, MD (Brazil) Room A 8:00 – 9:00 am Session 13: ASAPS Panel Keys to the Kingdom – Aesthetic Surgery Pearls from the Experts Moderator: Clyde Ishii, MD (USA) Panelist: Richard Warren, MD, FRCSC (Canada) Foad Nahai, MD, FACS (USA) Bahman Guyuron, MD (USA) James C. Grotting, MD (USA) Al Aly, MD (UAE) 9:00 – 10:30 am Session 14: Facial Surgery I Moderators: Maria Cristina Picon, MD (Argentina) & Dana Jianu, MD, PhD (Romania) 9:00 am Heike Klepetko, MD, PhD (Austria) Facial Characteristics: Letting Social Judgement Determine our Choice of Treatment 9:10 am Maria Cristina Picon, MD (Argentina) Plastic Surgery vs Cosmetic Medicine, Cosmetic Medicine vs Plastic Surgery, What’s is the Matter? 9:20 am Morris E. Hartstein, MD, FACS (Israel) Phi, Fat and the Mathematics of a Beautiful Midface 9:30 am Gabriele Miotto, MD, MEd (USA) Micro and Nanofat Grafting for Facial Rejuvenation 9:40 am Pericles V. Serafim Filho, MD (Brazil) Anatomic Functional Neck Lift 9:50 am Steven R. Mobley, MD (USA) 3D Neck Rejuvenation 10:00 am James Newman, MD (USA) Radio frequency Applications in Facial Plastic Surgery, Long Term Outcomes 10:10 am Robert Singer, MD (USA) What About the Patient? Discussion SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER 35 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Session 15: Facial Surgery II Moderators: Daniel A. Knutti, MD (Switzerland) & Sami Saad, MD (Lebanon) 10:30 am 10:40 am 10:50 am 11:00 am 11:10 am 11:20 am 11:30 am 11:40 am Room A Room D 4 November, Sunday 8:00 – 9:00 am Session 34: OSAPS Panel Aesthetic Surgery in Asia Moderator: Florencio Quiogue Lucero, MD (Philippines) Panelists: Man Koon Suh, MD (South Korea) Li Yu, MD (China) Jaehoon Kim, MD, PhD (South Korea) Florencio Quiogue Lucero, MD (Philippines) Kunihiko Nohira, MD (Japan) 9:00 – 10:30 am Session 35: Gluteal Augmentation Panel Moderators: J. Peter Rubin, MD, FACS (USA) & Arturo Ramirez-Montanana, MD (Mexico) Panelists: Ozan Sozer, MD (USA) Arturo Ramirez-Montanana, MD (Mexico) Constantino G. Mendieta, MD, FACS (USA) Ashkan Ghavami, MD (USA) Lazaro Cardenas Camarena, MD (Mexico) Augusto Sette Camara Valente, MD (Brazil) 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Session 36: Breast & Body Moderators: Constantin Stan, MD, PhD (Romania) & Jose Abel De La Pena Salcedo, MD, FACS (Mexico) 10:30 am Francisco Borja Zavala, MD, PhD (Ecuador) New Treatment of the Fascia of Scarpa to Diminish the Waist, to Elevate the Pubis and to Remove the Bulge of the Abdomen Post Cesarean 10:40 am Jose Abel De La Pena Salcedo, MD, FACS (Mexico) Calf Implants a Surgery for Plastic Surgeons 10: 50 am Gino Rigotti, MD (Italy) Remodeling of Severe Tubular Breast Addressing the Tissue Contraction and Relaxation Activity Present in the Normal Wound Healing Processes, without Skin Incisions 11:00 am Roger K. Khouri, MD, FACS (USA) Fat Grafting: Now and the Future 11:10 am Horacio F. Mayer, MD, FACS (Argentina) Tips and Tricks to Improve Aesthetic Outcomes in Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction 11:20 am Constantin Stan, MD, PhD (Romania) A Sequential Approach of Ptotic Breast; How to put Together Breast Implants and Surgical Techniques – My Algorithm 11:30 am Facheng Li, MD (China) Breast Augmentations with Fat Grafting 11:40 am Fethi Orak, MD (Turkey) My Journey in Mammoplasty Discussion Discussion Min-Hee Ryu, MD (China) High SMAS Facelift with Finger-Assisted Facial Spaces Dissection for Asian Patients Doo Byung (Gabe) Yang, MD, PhD (South Korea) Short Scar Facelift Using Skin Flap Attached Deep Tissue Support Adam J. Rubinstein, MD (USA) Non-Surgical Neck Rejuvenation Sami Saad, MD (Lebanon) Botulinum Toxin Complications Based on Anatomy Daniel A. Knutti, MD (Switzerland) Croton Oil Peel: Refinements and Long-Term Results O. Erhan Eryilmaz, MD (Turkey) Negative Vector Midfacelift Patient Yitzchak Ramon, MD (Israel) SMAS Plication with Barbed Sutures for Fast and Good Results Steven Cohen, MD (USA) Injectable Tissue Replacement: A New Concept of Fat Grafting to Reduce Tissue Decay Welcome to ISAPS Skin – Renato Saltz, MD (USA) & Donna Erb, RN (USA) 8:15 am Paul Nassif, MD (USA) The Pearls & Pitfalls of Having Your Own Skin Care Line 8:30 am Kathy Jones, RN, CPSN (USA) How to Develop a Menu of Services That Offers Everything from Facials to Facelifts 8:45 am Connie Brennan, RN, CPSN, CANS (USA) The Art of the Cosmetic Consultation 9:00 am Jerry O’Daniel, MD (USA) Patient Retention: Why Integration of Skin Care Is Important to Your Practice 9:15 am Cynthia Steele, Aesthetician (USA) Sales Techniques for Aesthetic Professionals 9:30 am Rami K. Batniji, MD, FACS (USA) Topic to be Confirmed 9:50 am Coffee Break 10:15 am Susan Wells, RN, MS, CANS (USA) Hosted Events in Your Practice: Working with your Industry Partners 10:30 am Laurie Casas, MD (USA) Tripeptide + Hexapeptide Skincare Formulations: A Novel Approach to Optimizing Skin Rejuvenation 10:45 am Julius Warren Few, MD (USA) The JFI Line 8:00 – 12:00 pm ISAPS Skin & Non-Surgical Room C 11:00 am – 12:00 pm ISAPS Skin Panel: The Highly Profitable Medical Spa: Tips and Strategies for Maximum ROI Moderator: Renato Saltz, MD (USA) Panelists: Susan Wells, RN, MS, CANS (USA), Jerry Daniels, MD (USA), Rami Batniji, MD (USA), Kathy Jones, RN, CPSN (USA), Cynthia Steele, Aesthetician (USA), Donna Erb, RN (USA), Laurie Casas, MD (USA), Julius Warren Few, MD (USA) Room A 12:00 – 1:00 pm Session 16: Cybersecurity Panel Moderators: Renato Saltz, MD, FACS (USA) & Leo R. McCafferty, MD, FACS (USA) Panelists: Alison Thornberry (United Kingdom); Jason Manar (USA) – FBI Special Agent; Al Perez (USA) – IT Specialist Michael Sacopulos (USA) – Attorney; Izhak Musli (USA) – CEO, Atlas KPI 1:00 – 1:30 pm 36 Closing Remarks Renato Saltz, MD, FACS & Dirk Richter, MD, PhD SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4 | MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER REGISTER NOW! REGISTRATION FEES FEE TYPE UNTIL 9/20/2018 ON-SITE RATE AFTER 9/20/2018 ISAPS Active Member $900.00 $1,200.00 ISAPS Resident, Associate, Life, Honorary Member $400.00 $600.00 Non-Member Plastic Surgeon $1,600.00 $1,800.00 Non-Member Resident/Fellow $700.00 $900.00 Spouse/Surgeon’s Non-MD Staff attending congress $700.00 $900.00 Cadaver Labs Member Non-Member price per lab $1,800.00 $2,200.00 Not Available Master Classes $150.00 $250.00 Exhibit Hall and/or Social Event badge $75.00 $100.00 Beach Party $150.00 $200.00 37 REGISTRATION DETAILS HOW TO REGISTER QUESTIONS Email: Tel: Fax: Website: Mail: Please register on the Congress website: www.ISAPSMiami2018.com REGISTRATION FEES INCLUDE Entry to all scientific sessions and exhibit hall Daily Lunch Daily Morning and Afternoon Coffee Breaks Congress Bag Copy of Program/Abstract Book Welcome Reception/Halloween Party (costumes encouraged) Faculty Dinner (by invitation) Beach Party isaps@isaps.org 1-603-643-2325 1-603-643-1444 www.ISAPSMiami2018.com ISAPS Executive Office 45 Lyme Road, Suite 304 Hanover, NH 03755 USA CANCELLATIONS: SOCIAL EVENTS Full refunds will be granted in cases of failure to obtain a visa to enter the US. A letter documenting this denial from the Consulate or Embassy is required. Refunds will be granted for cancellation until October 1, 2018. No refunds will be granted for any reason thereafter. A 25% administrative fee will be retained from all refunds except for visa denials. HOTEL INFORMATION HEADQUARTERS HOTEL – SOLD OUT Loews Miami Beach Hotel 1601 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, Florida, 33139 Phone: 1-305-604-1601 Room rate – $179 You must book your room by September 28, 2018 to guarantee this rate. To make reservations by phone, call 1-800-2289290 in the US and Canada (or any worldwide reservation numbers). – SOLD OUT Located block from the Convention Center For any questions regarding your reservations you may contact – or via email at richard@rubellhotels com at any time · Deluxe Petite Room · Deluxe King Room · Deluxe Double Queen Room · Deluxe Junior Suite Riviera Hotel – Located block from the Convention Center blocks from the Convention Center blocks from the Convention Center blocks from the Convention Center Catalina Hotel & Beach Club Lincoln Arms Suites Tradewinds Apartment Hotel – For any questions regarding your reservations you may contact Mon-Fri ampm EST time tel ext or via email at jenny baluja@southbeachgroup com at any time The reservation deadline for all hotels is October to State and Local taxes and applicable resort fees Rates are subject ALTERNATE HOTELS We also provide additional options at various prices and distances from the Miami Beach Convention Center We do not have room blocks at these hotels and ask you to kindly contact them directly for rates and availability To see the listing of these hotels please visit the Congress website at 38 h p //www isapsmiami com/hotel-reservations/ The Miami Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau also has a list of hotels at this link h p //planners miamiandbeaches com/tools-and-resources/hotels-search-result/?loc MIABEACH 38 Please use our secure on-line registration for all credit card payments at www.isapsmiami2018.com CONTACT INFORMATION The address below is a: c work address c home address Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Title: c MD c PhD c Other_________ Affiliation/Employer _____________________________________________________ Department _____________________________________ Mailing Address _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City _____________________________ State/Province __________________ Zip/Postal Code _______________ Country __________________ Office Telephone _______________________________________________ Fax _____________________________________________________ E-mail Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please indicate any special needs or dietary requirements: ____________________________________________________________________ 24th Congress of ISAPS · Miami Beach, Florida · 31 October – 4 November 2018 REGISTRATION FEES – Your registration will be acknowledged via email upon submission of your registration. Registration fees are based on date of receipt of payment not receipt of registration form. A higher rate will be charged if payment is not received within the deadlines shown. Please be sure to register in the correct category. Registrants found to be registering in incorrect categories in order to access lower registration fees will be assessed $500 plus the difference in the cost. We are sorry to implement this policy based on past experience. Until September 20th ISAPS Member – Active ISAPS Member – Resident/Fellow, Associate, Life & Honorary Non-Member Plastic Surgeons Non-Member Resident/Fellow* Spouse of Registered Surgeon or Office Staff* Full Congress Attendance On-Site c US$1,200.00 c US$ 600.00 c US$1,800.00 c US$ 900.00 c US$ 900.00 Registration Total: c US$ 900.00 c US$ 400.00 c US$1,600.00 c US$ 700.00 c US$ 700.00 *All non-member Residents/Fellows will be required to submit a letter verifying they are a student in good standing or for office staff a letter of employment from the physician attending the Congress. CADAVER LAB FEES – Wednesday, October 31 (See program for Cadaver Lab Instructors) Until September 20th Cadaver Lab I – Face & Browlift – (7:00 – 10:00 am) ISAPS Member c US$1,800.00 Non-Member c US$2,200.00 Cadaver Lab II – Rhinoplasty – (11:00 am – 2:00 pm) ISAPS Member Non-Member Cadaver Lab III – Mastopexy & Labiaplasty – (3:00 – 6:00 pm) ISAPS Member Non-Member c US$1,800.00 c US$2,200.00 c US$1,800.00 c US$2,200.00 Cadaver Lab Total: WOMEN SURGEONS’ SYMPOSIUM Registrant! Please check if you plan to attend the events. Women Surgeons’ Symposium – Wednesday, October 31 c Registrant will attend – no charge Women Surgeons’ Reception – Wednesday, October 31 c Registrant will attend – no charge RESIDENTS & FELLOWS FORUM Registrant! Please check if you plan to attend the events. Residents & Fellows Forum – Wednesday, October 31 c Registrant will attend – no charge Residents & Fellows Reception – Wednesday, October 31 c Registrant will attend – no charge SOCIAL FEES Registrant! Please check if you plan to attend social events. Welcome Reception – Thursday, November 1 c Registrant will attend – no charge Until September 20th On-Site Beach Party – Saturday, November 3 c US$150.00 c US$200.00 Spouse/Non-Registered Guest Social Fees (NOT Attending full Congress) Beach Party – Saturday, November 3 Spouse/Non-Registered Guest Exhibit Badge & Welcome Reception Ticket Please list paid guest name(s) below for name badges Until September 20th c US$150.00 c US$ 50.00 On-Site c US$200.00 c US$ 75.00 Social Fees Total: Form continued on next page 39 MASTER CLASS FEES Master Classes (Price per class) c MC1: Face Lift Until September 20th c US$150.00 c MC2: Brow Lift c MC3: Blepharoplasty On-Site c US$250.00 c MC4: Rhinoplasty c MC5: Breast Augmentation Nazim Cerkes Ricardo Ribeiro/Barbara Machado c MC12: Patient Safety/Human Factors c MC13: Strategies for Marketing Claude Oppikofer Catherine Maley c MC3: Blepharoplasty Dirk Richter/Vakis Kontoes c MC7: Abdominoplasty Osvaldo Rib Saldanha/Yoram Wolf c MC11: Vaginal Rejuvenation Lina Triana c MC15: Non-Surgical Devices Barry DiBernardo c MC3: Blepharoplasty Glenn Jelks c MC7: Abdominoplasty Joseph Hunstad c MC11: Vaginal Rejuvenation Jennifer Walden/Christine Hamori c MC15: Non-Surgical Devices Susan Van Dyke c MC3: Blepharoplasty Guy Massry c MC7: Abdominoplasty Ozan Sozer/Carlos Del Pino Roxo c MC11: Vaginal Rejuvenation Khalil Khatri c MC15: Non-Surgical Devices Steven Dayan c MC4: Rhinoplasty Rod Rohrich c MC8: Buttock Augmentation Constantino Mendieta c MC12: Maximize Profit W. Grant Stevens c MC16: Injectables that Work Haideh Hirmand/Heidi Waldorf c MC4: Rhinoplasty Wolfgang Gubisch c MC8: Buttock Augmentation Alfredo Hoyos Ariza c MC12: Maximize Profit Jason Pozner/Renato Saltz c MC16: Injectables that Work Joel Schlesinger c MC4: Rhinoplasty Dean Toriumi c MC8: Buttock Augmentation Ashkan Ghavami/Arturo Montanana c MC12: Maximize Profit Robert Singer c MC16: Injectables that Work Claudio De Lorenzi Wednesday Timothy Marten Luis Vasconez Susumu Takayanagi PM c MC6: Breast Reduction/Mastopexy c MC9: Body Contouring Surgery Moustapha Hamdi André Luis de Menzes Maranhao Thursday AM Thursday PM c MC1: Face Lift Bryan Mendelson c MC5: Breast Augmentation Gianluca Campiglio/Giovanni Botti c MC9: Body Contouring Surgery Dennis Hurwitz c MC13: Strategies for Marketing Karen Zupko c MC1: Face Lift Foad Nahai c MC5: Breast Augmentation Per Heden/Mark Jewell c MC9: Body Contouring Surgery Al Aly c MC13: Strategies for Marketing Julie Guest c MC1: Face Lift Daniel Baker c MC5: Breast Augmentation Luis Fernando Perin/Laurie Casas c MC9: Body Contouring Surgery Jean-Francois Pascal c MC13: Strategies for Marketing Dana Fox c MC1: Face Lift Giovanni Botti c MC7: Abdominoplasty Fabio Xerfan Nahas c MC2: Brow Lift Stephen Perkins c MC6: Breast Reduction/Mastopexy Joao Carlos Sampaio Goes c MC10: Hair Transplantation Alfonso Barrera/Carlos Uebel c MC14: Successful MediSpas Jason Pozner/Louis Bucky c MC2: Brow Lift Chia Chi Kao/Grady Bruce Core c MC6: Breast Reduction/Mastopexy Ruth Graf c MC10: Hair Transplantation Jeff Epstein c MC14: Successful MediSpas Laurie Casas c MC2: Brow Lift Renato Saltz/Carlos Casagrande c MC6: Breast Reduction/Mastopexy Frank Lista c MC10: Hair Transplantation Jack Fisher c MC14: Successful MediSpas Keith Marcus Friday AM Friday PM Saturday AM Saturday PM Sunday AM c MC2: Brow Lift Bahman Guyuron c MC8: Buttock Augmentation Raul Gonzalez c MC3: Blepharoplasty William Mack c MC11: Vaginal Rejuvenation Gary Alter c MC4: Rhinoplasty c MC6: Breast Reduction/Mastopexy Paul Nassif James Grotting c MC16: Injectables that Work Rami Batniji Master Class Total: PAYMENT OPTIONS Total Registration: c Check enclosed drawn on a US Bank (Payable to ISAPS) Number c Visa c MasterCard c American Express Exp. Date (ISAPS tax ID number 13-3810997) CVV Code Name as it appears on card (please print) Signature Street address where you receive your statement (for bank required verification purposes) If you would like to pay with a wire transfer please add $50 to your final total to cover the banking fees. Contact the ISAPS Executive Office for wire transfer instructions: 1-603-643-2325 or email Accounting@isaps.org. ISAPS Executive Office, 45 Lyme Road, Suite 304, Hanover, NH 03755 Questions? Tel: 603-643-2325 · Registrar@isaps.org · Fax: 603-643-1444 ALL OFF-LINE REGISTRATION SUBMISSIONS: 40 GENERAL INFORMATION Banking Most banks are open Monday through Friday from am to pm There are even some that are open on Saturdays but with limited hours e g am ­ pm Be sure to check the bank’s website for specific times Automated Teller Machines ATMs are readily available and usually charge you the lowest rate Insurance For your peace of mind we strongly recommend that you obtain travel and international health insurance prior to your travels to the US Liability Congress organizers are not liable for personal accidents losses of or damage to any private property of registered a endees or any accompanying persons during the Congress Please make your own arrangements with respect to personal insurance Car Rental & Parking Car rentals are available at the Miami International Airport We recommend reserving a car early Hotel parking self and/or valet is usually available for a daily parking cost that varies with each hotel Another option is to use Ly or Uber to get around town You can use Ly Fare Estimate or Uber Fare Estimate to estimate the cost of your fares before you ride Official Language The official language of ISAPS is English but we will have translation headsets available in Spanish and Portuguese Climate Miami has a tropical climate Temperatures during the Miami Congress are expected to range from degrees Fahrenheit degrees Celsius The rainy season can last through the end of October so be sure to pack accordingly Safes & Safe Deposit Boxes Most hotels provide a safe in every room Instructions are usually provided to allow you to create a personal code to access the safe Be sure to read the disclaimer card provided upon locking your belongings In most cases hotels are limited in their liability for your personal belongings Additionally many hotels provide safe deposit boxes Inquire at the front desk about availability Congress Attire During the Congress sessions we recommend business casual a ire Bring a Halloween costume for the welcome reception and plan to wear a comfortable ensemble for the beach party – flip flops are recommended Telephone Calls The cost of phone calls from the hotel especially international calls is expensive We advise that you use your cell phone with international calling capabilities instead Currency Exchange The US monetary unit is the dollar The rate of exchange varies every day We recommend using a currency converter in your mobile phone to help determine how your national currency compares to the US dollar at any time Personal checks drawn on foreign banks are not accepted You can change currency at Miami International Airport or any ATM machine which will offer a be er rate Most places accept credit cards such as MasterCard Visa American Express and Discover If credit cards are not accepted the establishment will usually inform you with a sign at the door or near the register or your waiter will tell you before you order your meal Tipping In the US it is customary to provide a tip for service in hotels taxis and restaurants Tips can range between of your total bill at your discretion although some restaurants automatically include a tip for parties of five people or more In such instances the tip will appear on your bill and no additional tip is necessary though it is welcomed Travel Disclaimer In the event of any travel disruptions Congress organizers will not be held responsible for any loss incurred by any registrant or family member either en route to or from the Congress By registering for the Congress participants accept full responsibility for their own travel arrangements and any consequences for themselves and for all accompanying persons Disabled Facilities If you have special needs or require disability-specific facilities please let us know Electricity US electricity is volts AC Outlets have a -pin plug We advise you to purchase a plug adapter and transformer beforehand Visas & Passports Most travelers will be admi ed into the United States with a valid passport However not all countries are exempt from a visa requirement Please check well in advance to determine whether you will need a visa and begin your application process at least three months before the Congress 41 W W W.I SA P S M I A M I 2 0 1 8 . CO M The New Miami Beach Convention Center 42 Printed in the USA