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Treatment of spots and little wrinkles

The Fraxel platform allows optimal photo rejuvenation of the skin. The treatment is based on a patented fractional laser technology which seeks to repair in complete safety skin that is aging and damaged by the sun.

Fraxel Dual technology with two wavelengths 1550/1927 within a single apparatus allows superficial treatment of pigmented skin lesions, actinic keratosis, the masks of pregnancy (melasma), as well as deep treatment of acne scars, surgical scars, periorbital wrinkles, and deep wrinkles.

The treatment will be personalized depending on the results that are sought. It can even be combined with other treatments so as to allow benefitting from the supplementary advantages of a laser surface and depth treatment of both the face and extra facial areas.

The procedure is comfortable thanks to the integrated cooling in the treatment device hand piece, which can be applied to all types of skin as well as to areas outside the face: neck, décolletage, back, hands ….

Redness and a mild edema, depending on the intensity of the treatment, may persist for a few days. The skin will tan naturally in the course of the two following weeks. Subsequently, this pattern of sunburn – tanning will be repeated after each treatment.

As with sunburn, the skin desquamates and exfoliates normally, revealing a fresher aspect, radiant and smooth.

The results aimed for are obtained over the course of several treatments.

The precise number of treatments is personalized depending on the goal and the effect sought after, as well as the lifestyle. With good sun protection, the treatments can be performed throughout the year.

The results are immediate and progressive. After the session, the skin appears softer and more luminous, and the complexion is more uniform. The next 3 to 6 months will bring further improvements as the skin continues to produce new collagen. The effect is sustained over time and depends on the age and quality of life of the patient.

a  à produire  du nouveau collagène. L’effet est durable dans le temps et dépend de l’âge et  de la qualité de vie du patient.

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