Buttock remodeling

Flat or drooping, leaded of hollow … Many factors can lead you to want to redraw your buttocks. So when diets and creams do not work, gluteal surgery will make you feel good.

Filling of hollows or buttocks augmentation

Lipofilling is surgery to fill a hollow or create a volume using the fat of the patient. The fat is removed by liposuction and then purified and reimplanted by injections to correct the volumes.

Each surgeon adopts his own technique and adapts it to each case to obtain the best result.

The following basic principles will be retained:

  1. Precise identification of the areas where the fat is removed as well as receiving areas.

    Repérage des zones
  2. Removal of fatty tissue by one or more incisions in one or more locations and depending on the amount of fat required by the liposuction technique.

  3. The fat is harvested and filtered by a special device
  4. The reinjection of the fatty tissue is done with fine cannulas from incisions of 1 mm. Fat particles are injected in different planes and in multiple directions to increase the contact area between the implanted cells and the recipient tissues to allow grafted adipose cells to survive.

The sampling and injection of fat by cannulas can be done manually or automatically by means of a machine. Dr. Abboud developed a technique called “P.A.L.L.” (Power Assisted Liposuction and Lipofilling) using a machine. This princple is initially based on a subcutaneous infiltration of the area to be treated, allowing a better liposuction. This technique also relies on the tunneling of the subcutaneous plane through the cannula, as well as a vibration during the lipofilling optimizing the reception of the fat.
This innovation was published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and has been presented at many international conferences for many years.

The 6 liposuccion zones described by Dr. Abboud
& fatty tissue redistribution

Through his expertise in this field, Dr. Abboud continued his research to further refine the gluteal reshaping. After developing his technique “P.A.L.L.” previously described (used in different areas of the body), and introducing it into the gluteal remodeling by fatty tissue transfer, he published a scientific article about it in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in 2015. He was also presented this many international congresses in recent years.

Farewell to failed buttocks surgery: the miracle technique!

Now, the increase in volume of the buttocks has quite convincing results. The shape of the buttock can be mastered perfectly through a very particular technique. This combines the technique of lipofilling and the use of an internal thread that will pass above and below the buttock to better sculpt. This technique of aesthetic surgery of the buttocks by injection of fat is innovative and has a strong impact in the medical environment. Indeed, it allows in particular to be able to inject a reduced volume of fatty tissue compared to the techniques already described (reducing the operating time and the risk of complications), and to obtain a high definition of the buttocks through the threads.


Passage of an internal wire to the upper and lower gluteal poles optimizing the gluteal definition

                       Summary of the areas of liposuction and the passage of internal threads

Dr. Abboud is the Plastic surgeon who developed this technique and it is currently being published. He teaches it to many Plastic surgeons who come from abroad to learn about his technique, and has been presenting it at many international congresses for several years now.
He practices in Brussels and it is possible to obtain a consultation very easily.

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