Skin peeling treatment

Chemical peels are categorized into superficial, medium-depth, or deep peels depending on the type of chemical product that is utilized. (Deep-peel treatment is not performed in our clinic).

The mildest chemical peel is performed using glycolic acid: this is a “lunchtime pause” peel.

Other peels have a stronger and more targeted action depending on the type of skin (wrinkled, thick, discolored by cigarettes, sun spots …). They are performed using salicylic acid, pyruvic acid, TCA, etc. ….

Peels are very effective in improving and accelerating skin renewal through exfoliation of the superficial layers.

Regarding superficial peels

After the treatment, the skin may display a little redness and a mild stinging sensation may be felt: these slight inconveniences disappear in the course of the following hours.

The application of a protective and restorative cream (not containing alcohol) is recommended; the application of a full sunscreen cream during the daytime is also recommended so as to avoid the effects of UVA rays.

Desquamation may appear in the course of the following days: it will suffice to moisturize the skin with a pure moisturizing cream as often as possible.

Three sessions spaced at an interval of 15 days to one month from each other correspond more or less to an average peel, allowing thus the avoidance of the inconveniences of a period of exclusion from social activities. Each session improves the final result. Peels are a very good treatment to prepare the skin for a mesolift.

Regarding medium peels

As of the 2nd day and for around one week, the skin desquamates quite strongly. It is thus advisable not to schedule important appointments for this period.

It will suffice to moisturize the skin with a moisturizing and restorative cream as often as possible. The squamae should not be removed so as to avoid the emergence of irritation and redness, which would retard the proper progress of the treatment.

Putting on make-up is allowed, but you must not forget to clean the skin well (with a cream not containing alcohol) before sleeping.

Precautions to take:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun for 1 week for superficial peels and 3 weeks for medium peels (if needed, apply a full sunscreen).
  • Avoid saunas, Turkish baths, and exposure to UV rays.

One session per year suffices for a medium peel that has procured for the skin good detoxification, good oxygenation, and good regeneration of the dermal cells. It is sometimes necessary to supplement this session with a superficial peel 1 month later based on the opinion of the doctor.

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