Skin rehydration

Mesolift is a genuine MOISTURIZING treatment for the skin, the aim of which is to improve the dull state of the skin, to eliminate its wrinkled aspect, and to restore a healthy look. It combats effectively against a fatigued complexion.

The basic principle is the micro-injection of slightly reticulated hyaluronic acid into the region of the dermo-epidermal junction with very fine needles. The product allows, through its molecular mass and elevated concentration, a more active hydration and revitalization of the skin.

These injection sessions can supplement more radical rejuvenating surgical techniques such as face and neck lifting. They can also be applied parallel to injections of botulinum toxin intended for diminishing the tonus of certain muscles responsible for the appearance of wrinkles, or simply combined with injections of products intended for filling in deeper wrinkles.

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Mesolift, a genuinely amazing treatment for the skin!

It is a mild and progressive treatment carried out in two sessions spaced between three weeks and one month apart. Each injection session lasts 15 minutes.

An anesthetic cream such as EMLA, prescribed by your doctor, will be applied 45 minutes before the treatment in a thick layer and renewed as necessary every 15 minutes, spread out for maximum comfort.

It is imperative to avoid taking baths for 48 hours and to keep from exposing the skin to the sun for 15 days so as to prevent any risk of secondary pigmentation. It is imperative to apply a moisturizing and restorative cream for sensitive skin for 12 to 24 hours under the make-up.

As for every aesthetic medical treatment, maintenance care is indispensable; it will be specified taking into consideration the indication, the desires of the patient, and the initial state of the skin.

Precautions to take:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun for 24 hours (if needed apply a full sunscreen).
  • Avoid saunas, Turkish baths, and exposure to UV rays.

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