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Permanent hair removal: discover the ideal solution with the Vectus Palomar laser

Shaving or waxing has become a real chore? MaClinic, an esthetic surgery firm expert in permanent hair removal, makes you discover an effective method for getting rid of unwanted hair in a sustainable way: the Vectus Palomar laser.

Hair bulbs destroyed by heat release

Laser Vectus Palomar
The Vectus Palomar is part of a new generation of diode laser. The beam passes through the skin to reach the hair melanin. The laser then causes a release of heat which destroys the hair bulb while preserving intact the surrounding tissues. Once the dead root, the hair does not grow back.
The success of this laser treatment depends on the life cycle of the hair. Only the roots in growth phase are affected by the laser. This is why it is necessary to carry out several treatments to arrive at a permanent hair removal of all the zones. Count four to eight sessions for a clean and sustainable result.

Powerful and long lasting epilation

The Vectus Palomar Laser is one of the most powerful diode lasers of its generation for long-lasting hair removal

  • Fast ;
  • Long-term sustainable outcome;
  • Treatment of large areas like the back;
  • Comfortable for the patient;
  • Advised all year round;
  • Two types of heads, great for large surfaces, small for more precision;
  • Security of treatment;
  • Effective on all types of hair (except whites) and skin including tanned skin.

Fast and minimally invasive treatment

The final hair removal process by the Vectus laser is as follows:

  • Shave the area to be treated (the patient can do it himself at home);
  • Laser adjustment according to skin type. Calibration according to the thickness of the hair, the number, the color and the type of skin;
  • Fall of the hair in the following days.

Laser hair removal is painless. The patient feels at most a pinch close to the feeling of an elastic that touches the skin. There is no side effect to the use of the Vectus laser except for any redness or local swelling that disappears in a few hours.

Depending on the areas of the body to be treated, it is necessary to wait between a month and a month and a half between each session of hair removal.

When it comes to treating the vaginal area, the number of laser sessions is higher.

It is recommended to avoid the sun, the solarium or self-tanning creams before treatment and for four and six weeks afterwards. Taking photosensitizing medications before and after the treatment is also discouraged. This is why the patient must always tell the operator if he is on medication.

You want to switch to permanent laser hair removal?

Make an appointment at the MaClinic Firm in Brussels. Dr. Marwan Abboud offers you various professional laser treatments. For more information on our cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery services, contact our team by phone or by filling out our online form.